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WHAT Version is That?

 I am sitting here listening to my 16 year old son “read” Bible stories to my granddaughter, who likes to turn the pages FAST.  I’m not recognizing this Bible version…So like, Jesus says, ” ‘Sup, dudes?  I’m baa-ack.”  I think … Continue reading

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Multitudes of Moments, a Galaxy of Grace

 This is where God is.  In the present.  I AM–His very name…Make every moment a cathedral giving glory…And it is eucharisteo curving the moment into a cupola of grace, an architecture of holiness–a place for God.Thanks makes now a sanctuary.~Ann … Continue reading

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Caught in Passing

 Quote from my son:I tried to go ice fishing.. but I just couldn’t get the ice to bite that worm. 

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Grammar Question

 I’ve always felt like I had pretty decent grammar, and definitely notice a lot of mistakes in the things I read, but I just happened onto a supposed rule that I have NEVER heard before.  I’m wondering if this particular item … Continue reading

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Just for fun

 Young Man:  So you got a new hearing aid?Old Man:  Yep.  I got the best there is.  Cost me four thousand dollars!Young Man:  So what kind is it?Old Man:  About 7:30~~~~~~~~~~~~~And if you want to see something amazing and twisted, … Continue reading

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The Naming

I read the first chapter and I cry.  I marvel at the beauty of such ugliness.  Streaming uncontrollable tears and sobbing aloud, I cry harder than I have cried in years.  I am glad that it is early, before anyone … Continue reading

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Biblical humor for Sunday

 Q. What excuse did Adam give to his children as to whyhe no longer lived in Eden ?A. Your mother ate us out of house and home. 

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