About Me

I am a Wonderer.
I think.  I dream.  I write.
If you read, I am honored.
If you are blessed, glorify God.



One Response to About Me

  1. I like your post: “I think, therefore, I create.”

    You caught my interest with a post you wrote on Jan. 15, 2013 regarding the article “Boring Math Drills Aid Higher Math Skills”. Being a teacher in the public schools for 25+ years, it bothers me to hear about students struggling in math. When I read about your daughter not being able to memorize the multiplication facts, my heart went out to her and you.

    Most public schools today don’t teach basic facts for memorization. My students were equally frustrated when they couldn’t compute pre algebra or algebra problems because they didn’t have their facts memorized. Because most human brains can only maintain and process limited amounts of information in working memory, the thought process becomes impeded if the brain must devise a new strategy to get the answer to a simple math fact before continuing with the other multiple steps of the problem.

    I came up with a solution for memorizing the multiplication facts and used it with my students. It worked, and I thought that maybe you would like to try it too. The product is in the “testing” stage and I hoped that you would try it with your daughter and at the same time, do me a favor by “testing” it. There would be no monetary charge, and I would only be able to give you a partial program, but we could talk or email and I will be sure to give you the parts that address the facts that your daughter needs the most help with.

    Give this some thought, and I hope to hear from you. My email is margomath@ymail.com. My website is http://www.margosmathandmore.com

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