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Random Thoughts on Job

Job…such an amazing man.   Can it be said of me that I am “blameless, upright, fearing God and turning away from evil”? Not exactly always, I’m afraid. Of course, his very amazingness led to some pretty horrible things. Losing … Continue reading

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Raising Children

 We are not raising children for hibernation, but for the revelation of God’s heart to the world. We are not raising children to just survive in this world, but to invade the world with God’s love. ~Nancy Campbell

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Quotes of the Day

  If Washington worked with just one-tenth the passion in corralling the enemies of the U.S. as it has in ramrodding the Obama-Pelosi health care system down our throats and pocketbooks, we’d reduce military acts of terrorism down to zero, … Continue reading

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Are They Messing With Your Kids’ Minds?

Did you know that many countries do not allow advertisers to target their marketing to children under 12?  Can you imagine?–No toy commercials!  Since studies have shown that kids under the age of 6 are often not able to differentiate … Continue reading

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Our Lawmakers Have Totally LOST THEIR MINDS!!

Maybe the rest of you have also been hearing about this new law.  I’ve read about it several places in the last week.  I’m wondering why no one was talking about it before!  When this law takes effect on February 9, … Continue reading

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I just finished this book yesterday, and it is quite weird.  Fascinating, but strange.  It’s about a future society where men throughout the world have inexplicably become sterile and there are no children.  No children have been born for twenty years.  People … Continue reading

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America’s Failure

I was reading John Gatto’s latest essay today, and he summed up so nicely what I think is wrong in America today.  Maturity has by now been banished from nearly every aspect of our lives. Easy divorce laws have removed the need … Continue reading

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