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What Do They Think About?

I spend a lot of time, probably too much time, reading various books and articles about a wide assortment of things that I find interesting.  Since it is such a wide assortment, I often run across things that are controversial, … Continue reading

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On Current Literature

I’ve noticed two trends in books lately that, taken separately, irritate me, but combined, they’re a bit mystifying. The first is the overwhelming surge in Christian lit toward “bonnet books.”  Has anyone else noticed that in any Christian book catalog there … Continue reading

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Where Have All the Editors Gone?

  I have finished reading Where the River Ends by Charles Martin.  I’m afraid that I have now read every novel that he has written.  Sniff.  It is such a rare joy for me to discover a wonderful author that … Continue reading

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Pride and Prejudice

  I read Pride and Prejudice last week.  Yes, for the first time.  Rather embarrassing to admit that I, the self-confessed bookworm, had never read it. I probably wouldn’t have thought of it now except that I just got a … Continue reading

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Good Stuff I’ve Read Lately

 1.  Ann Coulter on Nude Body Scans at Airports 2.  Quotes from the book Unvaccinated, Homeschooled, and TV-Free by Julie CookAnother reason that hearing “I’m bored” should be alarming is because the child is looking for something to do and “being” isn’t … Continue reading

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Not Amused

 Postman wraps up the book with a comparison of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World and George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four.  In America, Orwell’s prophecies are of small relevance, but Huxley’s are well under way toward being realized.  To put it plainly, … Continue reading

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Amusing Facts

 One thing that I found interesting Postman’s book was the idea that since books and magazines have become plentiful, information out of context has become a normal part of our lives.  Earlier in history, people knew about the things that … Continue reading

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