Give Them Something To Eat

Reading Mark—God’s Word for the Biblically Inept

 3But He answered them,“You give them something to eat!” And they *said to Him, “Shall we go and spend two hundred [t]denarii on bread and give them something to eat?”    Mark 6 NASB

There are so many parallels in this chapter that I had never thought about. Not only is providing food  in the middle of nowhere an obvious reminder of the children of Israel in the wilderness, but Jesus feeding the 5,000 with a tiny amount of food echoed a miracle performed by Elisha in 2 Kings 4:42-44 (why didn’t I know that?) The thing is, people would have seen that Jesus’ miracle was superior to Elisha’s—less food divided among far more people!

It’s interesting that the disciples were so skeptical—almost dismissive—of Jesus’ command. They had been preaching, casting out demons, anointing, and healing people like crazy (look at verses 12 and 13,) but when it came to providing food, they just shrugged. What do you mean, Jesus? We can’t do that! We don’t HAVE any food.   It didn’t occur to them that they also had never had healing powers or demon-evicting powers of their own.   Their deeds had been a supernatural gift from God, so why didn’t it occur to them to ask God for physical food?

Are we the same way? We are miraculously sustained every moment of our lives. Not only are we provided for and protected, but we cannot take so much as one breath without God’s consent. If we recognize that, why do we limit what else God may be able to do in or through us?



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