God is the Point

Grain-of-Salt Disclaimer:  This is something I have been mulling for a week or more.  It’s fascinating to think about in a metaphysical way, but I don’t think I’ve been completely successful in finding words for my musings.  Perhaps the metaphor is way off-base, but it’s been an interesting meditation.  So, yes, take it with a grain of salt.  (Whatever that means…)

In geometry, a point is simply a position in space.  It has a location, but no size.  It is, in essence, more an idea than an object.  It can be the beginning of a line or the edge of another object, but by itself, a point cannot be measured.  A line, which we call one-dimensional, has length but no width or height, because it is made up of a perfectly straight collection of points.  It really can’t be seen because even though it has length, it has no height or depth.  In a plane, which has two dimensions, you can measure length and width.  An object in a plane has no thickness, rather like pictures on a page or screen.  If you were to look at them directly from the side, they would be invisible.  Only when an object is given three dimensions, when height is added, can we see and handle it from all sides. The world we live in is, obviously, three-dimensional.

Notice in the geometric definitions that, as each dimension is added, a new measurement becomes possible.  And each time we are more able to measure or define something, it loses one aspect of its infinity.  (think about that for a moment…as something becomes more solid and knowable, it becomes more limited….)

We think of a point as being tiny.  After all, it has no dimension, and in this world, things without dimension just aren’t there.  We think of a line as being bigger, because it is made up of points, and a flat shape is bigger yet, being made up of multiple lines along with all the points they contain..

But maybe…just maybe… a point is actually bigger than a line, or an object in a plane, or even bigger than a mountain.  Because those things can be measured.  Whereas a point…cannot.  It has no size, only a definition.

Maybe God is a Point.

Because God…God cannot be measured.  Not in size, nor age, nor power, nor wisdom, nor any other way.  God has no dimension, or perhaps He has more dimensions than we can grasp.  He is beyond measurement, as our finite minds understand the concept.  He just IS.  He is the beginning of everything, and everything is made by Him.  Just like a point.

Why do we constantly try to define or measure God?  It is not possible that we can comprehend Him.  If He could be grasped by our feeble brains, He would not be worthy of our worship.  He creates everything, makes up everything, and is the ending of everything.  We exist only because He exists.  Without Him, there is nothing…no world, no life, no meaning.

With Him, there is everything.  There is Life, and there is Meaning.

Because GOD is the point.


About dayuntoday

I'm a wonderer. I spend a lot of time mulling, pondering, and cogitating. This is just a place to park some of those thoughts.
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3 Responses to God is the Point

  1. Peggy says:

    absolutely loved your musings about this, dear friend ~ He definitely is THE POINT of everything ~

  2. Sherri says:

    I really, really like this. We say “God is big” and picture him as some 3 dimensional giant even though we know that’s a crazy picture. I love the point idea, it’s wonderful to ponder. It’s truly and upside down, inside out world we live in. “The more solid and knowable…the more limited”. mmmmhmmmm

  3. Good Point!
    Thanks and God bless you for your public meditations. I glean much more than I comment.

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