A Wandering Contemplation of Emptiness

I’m still pondering that concept of fullness that I talked about last week.  When you consider fullness at a molecular level, it brings up all kinds of intriguing possibilities.  When I look at my hand, it seems quite substantial, perfectly solid and real.  When I look at a patch of dense fog or a cloud in the sky, it also may look solid, but I know that it isn’t.  I know that I could walk right through it.  I can’t see through it because all the suspended water droplets refract the light, but the molecules will part easily, allowing me passage.  The thing that is a little harder to grasp is that the molecules in my hand contain almos no more actual solid material than the ones in the fog.  The vast majority of matter is actually empty space, and the only thing that holds it all together is a lot of tiny electrical charges.  The amount of empty space within my hand is nearly as much as the empty space in the fog, but the fog molecules aren’t bonded as strongly to each other.  Unlike the molecules in my hand, they rearrange easily.

The thing that I find fascinating about this is that my body is almost completely made of nothing.  When we read in Genesis that God formed the earth and all that is within it, the seas and the land and the living creatures, and the galaxies, from NOTHING, we marvel.  Our minds cannot wrap around a concept like that.  But when I realize that I am still mostly nothing, there’s a tiny “a-ha” in the depths of my brain.  And if the matter within a human body is practically all empty space, suddenly the appearance of Jesus in a room without opening the door seems perfectly logical.  All it would take is a slight rearrangement of some electrical charges by the God who created the universe, and surely a body could easily inhabit the same space as a door or a wall.

Which makes me think of something I have wondered many times.  In the Revelation, the heavenly city is described, and even measured.  But what we don’t know is…will our heavenly bodies even take up physical space?  Or will they be able to pass through doors, and walls, and each other?  🙂  I once heard a man say that he had figured out about how big heaven was in today’s measurements, and he didn’t think it was very much room, considering all the people who have lived on the earth.  Somehow, I’m pretty sure that overcrowding won’t be a problem, and just maybe a square inch there can be inhabited by all God’s people at the same time!  Who knows?

Back to the idea of full and empty…  When you consider how very little matter there actually IS in all of us (and if you’d like to do that, consider this:  According to the best estimation of scientists, if you were somehow able to squeeze out all the empty space, the amount of actual matter in the entire human race would fit into a sugar cube.  Ponder that for a moment or two.  Source)  Anyway, when you consider that, does it make you wonder why God created us this way?  So full of empty?

I believe that every person on the face of the earth has developed some type of worship.  It seems that man has a compulsion to seek out God.  Perhaps it is because we are so empty.  Nothing we can do in a natural sense can possibly fill the voids within us–those atoms must have the empty space in order for the electrons to revolve around their nucleus… in this world, at least.  We cannot change that.  But something within us demands a Filling.  We hate being empty and yearn for fullness.

And Who else can inhabit all those empty spots between the electrons but… GOD.


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I'm a wonderer. I spend a lot of time mulling, pondering, and cogitating. This is just a place to park some of those thoughts.
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