A Chosen Instrument

You may want to read Acts 9:10-19

Ananias was reluctant.  But, God…  You want me to go see this guy who is basically the Jewish equivalent of the Gestapo?  He raids houses, dragging people off to prison.  Saul is hunting down all the followers of the Way and arresting them.  I’d really rather keep my distance!

Who could blame Ananias for not being exactly thrilled to present himself to this man?  He protested, but God reassured him that Saul was his “chosen instrument.”  Wow.  Really?  That must have been a little hard to take.  Why would God choose someone who had been so determined to oppose Him?

God’s ways are so surprising to us sometimes.  Instead of enlisting a dedicated, enthusiastic believer, He called a man who seemed the extreme opposite and gave him a commission to broadcast the gospel.

It’s a good reminder that God sees hearts, not just actions.  God looked at Saul and saw his zeal.  Saul was dedicated to serving the Lord.  He charged into his religion with fervor, doing the best he knew with all his might.  When God made it clear to him how misplaced his devotion had been, he simply turned in the right direction and carried on with the same verve as before.

God, being Sovereign over the entire universe, can use any and every person, and even every tree and rock, to accomplish his perfect will.  He knows the heart and soul of every human, and we are instruments chosen by Him for His purpose.

Let’s approach each day as Ananias did, with complete faith in God’s direction and protection, and also as Saul did, with holy zeal and dedication.


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I'm a wonderer. I spend a lot of time mulling, pondering, and cogitating. This is just a place to park some of those thoughts.
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