To Follow a Fool?

Yesterday I talked about Sarah, and the way she is extolled in 1 Peter for obeying her husband, even when he was wrong!  If you missed it, read it here.

Today I want to add a caution.  When thinking about obeying husbands, one has to consider what might happen if a godly woman is married to a truly evil man.  There’s also an example of that in scripture.  Go now and read about Nabal and Abigail in 1 Samuel 25.


Rather a different story, isn’t it? 
For starters, Nabal didn’t consult with his wife at all, but when Abigail heard of his unwise decision, she wasted no time arguing with him.  She immediately went into action and did what she believed God wanted her to do.  She took food, she humbled herself and begged David’s forgiveness and mercy on her household.  Only later did she inform her husband, and allowed God to convict and judge him.  She not only saved all the males of her household, but also kept David from much unnecessary bloodshed.

I believe Abigail was also a virtuous woman, so what is the difference between her and Sarah?  Sarah obeyed her husband in a foolish decision and Abigail did not, but both did well.  Could the difference be that Abraham honestly desired to please God, while Nabal (whose name actually means ‘fool’) had no such desire?  Nabal was obviously not grateful to David for helping to protect his property, and was more interested in drinking and carousing than in offering hospitality to God’s anointed.  He was harsh and evil, and did not honor God.  Abigail saw that and tried to intercede.  She was a peacemaker for her foolish and careless husband.

Where Abraham was fearful, but still trying to obey and follow God, Nabal was arrogant and had no fear of God.  A godly woman knows her husband’s heart.


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2 Responses to To Follow a Fool?

  1. Havilah says:

    “A godly woman knows her husband’s heart”. Amen, sister.

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