Who You Are Is -Not?- Enough

Satan is crafty, but he’s really
not that original.  It’s the same old lie he used back in Eden:
**Who you are is not enough.**

This is a statement from a Revive Our Hearts broadcast.   Erin Davis was talking about her book Beyond Bath Time, describing the war against motherhood.  (Listen to it here ) She and her husband delayed parenting for seven years because they were so passionate about youth ministry and didn’t see how a baby could possibly fit into their lives.  “I didn’t understand that being a mother was a minstry,” she said.

How many mothers fall prey to that same worldly mindset?  Satan whispers that if only they weren’t so tied down taking care of children that they could do great things–write books, give seminars, etc.  It’s a LIE.  Why do we tend to believe that important and world-changing ministry must be public?

We forget that many of the “heroes of the faith” that we read about in the Bible weren’t speakers and writers.  Sarah is praised in Hebrews 11 for believing God and bearing a child in humanly impossible circumstances.  In 1 Peter 3, she receives kudos for simply submitting to her husband.  (Wow.  More on that another day.)  Rahab gets praise for believing in God and serving His people.  Neither of those women gave speeches that we know about, and it’s very possible that they couldn’t even read, let alone write.

But we forget that a woman simply doing what she’s been given to do can have a tremendous, far-reaching impact.  We think we need to do something that gets noticed by other people, something that looks important, in order to further God’s kingdom.

Obviously, this is only one facet of the lie.  There are so many, many others.  Probably all of us have heard those words whispered into our brains at times:

Who you are is not enough.

  •  Teenagers who try to keep up with their seemingly ultra-cool friends.
  • Young people in modest jobs who believe they can never do anything important unless they make a lot of money.
  • Parents who push their children to become more than they were.
  • Middle-aged people who suddenly realize that the time to live out their dreams is limited.
  • Older people who worry that they ‘just haven’t done enough.’

And they are ALWAYS A LIE.

If you are in Christ, it’s a lie to believe that who you are is not enough.  God gives each one of us a ministry right where we are.  The challenge is to see it, to accept it, and to rise up to meet it.  Rahab surely couldn’t have seen herself as a world-changer just for helping two men escape from the city.  She would have never dreamed that she would be named in the genealogy of the Messiah.

Are you listening to that same old lie?  Is there a whisper in your mind that says that you need to be something more, someone different than you are?  Do you try to change the way you think, the way you speak, the things you do, in order to fit in OR to stand out from the crowd?  Are you focused more on doing things according to your own plan rather than asking God to mold you into His plan?

If you are unsaved, then who you are is NOT enough,
who you are IN CHRIST is definitely Enough.



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  1. Caroline says:


  2. Ronda says:

    Thank you, Caroline. I really appreciate your feedback. 🙂

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