Sunshine and Pet Names


I noticed something interesting this week.  Our deck had been shoveled off, all but that crusty bottom layer that’s hard to scrape, and with the warm sunshine, it had completely melted off.  EXCEPT for a few places.


There are lines of snow, right across where the railings cast their shade most of the day.  Isn’t it amazing how much difference sunshine makes? 

It made me think about my heart and wonder how it looks to God…are there places where I haven’t allowed the Son to shine?  Are there spots I’ve kept in shadow, under wraps, not allowing His light to reach in and warm them?  Do I still have hard, frozen spots that He would just love to thaw?

Reminds me of that song–  Open up your heart and let the sun shine in!


I was reading a newsletter from friends who are missionaries in China, and one item was the unusual affectionate names they use there.  He mentioned things like Pig head, Little dog, Little heart and liver, Silly girl, Kittycat, Dumb dumb, and even Stinky stink.  Really!? 

Pig head???  Isn’t it hard to imagine feeling warm-fuzzy-loved after being called that?  But then I remembered that an older friend of mine told me that her daddy used to call her “Little Punkin-head.”  Well…that’s not really so nice-sounding either.  And we call our little sweeties “punkin.”  Also not exactly complimentary.  I know some Hispanics use “cara mia” (my face) –why face?  Why not “my kneecap” or something?    I call my husband “Honey,” but would never think of calling him “Chocolate,” which I like a great deal better than honey.  I suspect that our endearments sound just as strange to them as “Stinky-stink” does to me! 

What pet names do you use at your house?





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2 Responses to Sunshine and Pet Names

  1. fwren says:

    Do you remember when our dads used to affectionately call each other names like Bony, Meathouse, etc.?  I wish I could remember them all ~ my memory is so bad anymore.  But anyway, I think it is kinda fun ~ all my grandchildren have nicknames such as honeybee, ladybug, cricket, chipmunk, etc.  And I still call them punkin’ or sweetie-pie or honeybunch on occasion ~ 🙂  Around our house, it is just ‘dear’ or ‘babe’ ~ LOL!

  2. homefire says:

    @fwren – My dad is still “Bony” to several people, even though he is anything BUT bony these days! 

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