Poor Poor Pitiful Me


Goodness gracious me.  I just found out that we live below the poverty level.  (And here I thought we were richly blessed.  Silly me.)  And to add to our desperate situation, we don’t get government help with health care.  OR housing.  OR food.  I wonder how in the world we’ve survived this long.

Maybe it helps to be unaware of our dire misfortune? 




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I'm a wonderer. I spend a lot of time mulling, pondering, and cogitating. This is just a place to park some of those thoughts.
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6 Responses to Poor Poor Pitiful Me

  1. BooksForMe says:

    That’s pretty fascinating. Amazing how much we don’t need, huh? How did you come to learn this?

  2. Wow! It’s amazing you’re still alive without government everything! (<== I can actually see the sarcasm dripping off this )Ignorance is bliss, ain’t it?

  3. bafocus_2 says:

    Helps to know that being rich has nothing to do with being richly blessed. God Bless your weekend!

  4. quilt_cats says:

    God’s blessings are rich indeed.  Man’s riches can’t compare to the sweet blessings from our dear Lord.

  5. jillcarmel says:

    we are too but we don’t seem to know it=got a roof over our head and food in my belly

  6. homefire says:

    @BooksForMe – Well, I heard an income figure of $40,000 quoted on some news clip, but when I look up poverty level now on the internet, the level is much lower than what they quoted, like in the $25,000 range, so that may have been wrong.   

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