Good Stuff I’ve Read Lately


1.  Ann Coulter on Nude Body Scans at Airports


2.  Quotes from the book Unvaccinated, Homeschooled, and TV-Free by Julie Cook

Another reason that hearing “I’m bored” should be alarming is because the child is looking for something to do and “being” isn’t even considered.  We are not human doings but human beings


The fact is, homeschooling works.  If it didn’t work, nobody would be panicking about the rise in popularity.  If homeschooling led to children who were undereducated and maladjusted, nobody would object to it because money could be made from that.  Businesses and governments would be able to profit from “helping” these undereducated, maladjusted children.  But because homeschooling is so effective and is free, it’s increasingly seen as a threat.


Amazingly, people are more apt to “go with the flow” when there is more at stake.  When the stakes are highest, it seems to make sense that people would spend the most time researching and questioning to come up with their own personal decisions.  But the opposite holds true.  When the stakes are high, people spend the least amount of time researching and questioning, and they are more apt to do what everyone else is doing.  We become paralyzed with fear of making the wrong decision.  After all, if we do what everyone else is doing, we can’t really be blamed if something goes wrong.

I loved this book because the woman who wrote it had a high-tech career, several advanced degrees, and was living life on the fast track.  Since she is a researcher, her response to pregnancy was to find out exactly what were the very best things she could do to give her child an advantage.  The things she discovered were not at all what she expected.  They went against everything she had ever heard and everything the “experts” advised.  Naturally, that led to more and more in-depth research, and finally some very unconventional choices.  It’s fascinating, shocking in places, and very readable.  Highly recommended!


3.  Quotes from The End of Education by Neil Postman

Public education does not serve a public.  It creates a public.


Free human dialogue, wandering wherever the agility of the mind allows, lies at the heart of education.  If teachers do not have the time, the incentive, or the wit to provide that; if students are too demoralized, bored, or distracted to muster the attention their teachers need of them, that that is the educational problem which has to be solved.


Every time we clean our homes, or our streets, or use information to solve a problem, or make a schedule, we are combating entropy,  using intelligence and energy to overcome (that is postpone) the inevitable decay of organization.


Postman talks at length about the god of Economic Utility, which basically means the assumption that if you do well in school, you will get an interesting well-paying job when you’re finished.  Many people can testify that this is not working out to be true at all.  Most students are aware now of the falsehood of that theory, which is why they are uninspired and unmotivated.  He has some interesting ideas about getting our youth out of the schools where so many of them do nothing but waste time and putting them to work in the communities.  He is convinced they would learn more and our lives would flourish as a result.  It’s one of those ideas that I’d really love to see tried out.



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7 Responses to Good Stuff I’ve Read Lately

  1. quilt_cats says:

    Thanks for sharing- I’ll have to see if they are at our library.  

  2. ROBINEGGS says:

    You must be feeling better!!  Thankful for your healing…..and your thoughts.  I always enjoy your comments!…..AND your music ~

  3. homefire says:

    @ROBINEGGS – I’m getting there.  Seems like a pretty slow process.  I am hoping to go out tonight–first time in 3 weeks!  That’s IF I can get bathed, dressed, and my hair done without being totally exhausted.  So I’m starting now… 

  4. walkintrust says:

    Are you better?  And is poor Galen getting rested?  I wish you’d get FB!

  5. Coulter is even more hilarious than Blue Collar Comedy, and a lot more relevant, I might add.

  6. homefire says:

    @walkintrust – Is there life outside of FB?    I think I’m getting better, though today hasn’t been so great.  Maybe I was a bit premature on that first outing?  I dunno…@THE_LORDS_FREEMAN – Yeah, I like her writing a lot–she has a way of cutting right to the quick.

  7. homefire says:

    @quilt_cats – The End of Eduction can get a bit dry if you’re not into that kind of stuff, but the other one is just a good read.  Hope you find it!

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