This is absolutely wonderful!  I’ve always been irked by the term “African-American,” and this John Stossel segment says it like it is.  I absolutely love it!  Go away, racism and political correctness!!–affirmative-action-bake-sale




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  1. As one of the opening jokes in my ventriloquist act (just before I bring out the first dummy), I say this:”People often ask me how they should refer to the little people that travel around with me in these suit cases.  They say they feel uncomfortable referring to them as ‘dummies’.  I tell them that indeed the term ‘dummy’ is not considered politically correct.  If we are going to be politically correct we should refer to them as ‘wooden-Americans’.”That little political joke always gets a nice laugh.  But what I find amusing (and even a little irritating at times) is that many people who have heard me say that (IT’S A JOKE!) will then start using the term “wooden-American” when referring to the dummies in my show.  Most of the time, of course, they are just being playful, but the way some people then insist on using the term “wooden-American” after I say the joke, sometimes I wonder if they think I’m being serious!

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