My Favorite Photo So Far


I was looking at pictures of Sylvia this morning, and realized that I hadn’t yet posted any.

Here’s my favorite so far.

Amy and Sylvia

Amy just loves her little sister!  She is having lots of fun, sharing her blankies and getting things for her.




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5 Responses to My Favorite Photo So Far

  1. fwren says:

    Such sweetness ~ you are blessed ~

  2. sunshine1939 says:

    She is a beautiful baby ! Amy looks so cute with her baby sister – I’m sure Grandpa and Grandma are enjoying both of them Very Much!!!!!

  3. homefire says:

    @sunshine1939 – Well, not NEARLY as much as I’d like to!  I’ve only seen her once since the birth and haven’t been able to hold her yet.    It really stinks to be sick.

  4. BooksForMe says:

    Completely lovely! How is your daughter doing?

  5. homefire says:

    @BooksForMe – She is doing just great.  Sylvia’s a pretty good baby, and Dot had everything so completely organized before she was born that it’s going nicely.  Amy has had a few cranky days with short naps, but overall has done well, too.

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