The Most Horrifying “Joke” Ever


~~~Warning:  Graphic material!  DO NOT watch this video with children.~~~

I don’t know how many of you have already seen this, but if you have a weak stomach…  DON’T.

It is the most disgusting advertisement I have ever seen, quite violent in the most horrendously offhand way…  Well, it’s indescribable.  And it was considered perfectly acceptable by the climate change group that sponsored it.  After it was aired in England, there was a huge public outcry, and it was taken off the air.  Some representatives of the group claimed that it was meant to be “funny.” 

Not funny.  And don’t say I didn’t warn you.  The only reason I post it is because I think it may reveal some true colors.  Looks like the environmentalists are interested in a lot more than hugging trees and cute polar bears.  And if you have seen it before, you may not have seen the very last bit, which many sources have clipped, but which I found the most horrifying of all.




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12 Responses to The Most Horrifying “Joke” Ever

  1. Neeka1 says:

    Very disturbing…..I couldn’t even watch the whole thing.

  2. fwren says:

    I am getting no sound with it ~ ?????

  3. mcbery says:

    I heard about this video. It is horrifying! No pressure, indeed! Since global warming is really a hoax, no pressure?! Makes me feel sick. I think Europe is further down this path than we are. I hope & pray we never get there!

  4. Alle_in_Ashe says:

    i really don’t understand what was supposed to be funny or even the point of the commercial. I must have missed something somewhere.

  5. homefire says:

    @fwren – Did you ever get it to work for you?@Alle_in_Ashe – Like I said, NOT funny.  I suppose if your humor is really warped…@Neeka1 – @mcbery – I noticed a comment one place that I thought was telling.  Notice that there is always one (supposedly enlightened) person who has the option to eliminate the misfits.  The rest of the people, even the eager beavers, were horrified, and you can imagine that from then on they will certainly be submissive.  The whole thing is obviously geared to get us used to having a “ruling class” who “knows better,” and can guide us where we are too stupid to know which way to go.  Scary stuff.

  6. fwren says:

    Nope ~ it always comes up with the sound indicator x’d out in red ~ ???  Weird.

  7. BooksForMe says:

    That is really disturbing, really creepy, really Vonnegut-esque. I am just stunned, really stunned.

  8. ElizabethDNB says:

    you know what commercials I hate?  They were all over late night tv for a while.  Those I think it was called Ahely Madison adultery service.  TAlk about disturbing!

  9. homefire says:

    @ElizabethDNB – Whoa!  Haven’t seen that, but it sure sounds bad!

  10. homefire says:

    @fwren – You must have something on your computer blocking it, for some reason.  That’s strange.  I have no idea how to help.

  11. homefire says:

    @ElizabethDNB – Okay, that is truly amazing.  I went and looked it up on YouTube.  The guy who started  Ashley Madison says that infidelity can save marriages, and that divorce is where the real harm is.  So he’s just in the business of trying to keep people together by making it easy for them to cheat, I guess.  Sheesh.  What a warped world we live in.  Just when you think you’ve heard it all…It said the ad was banned from the Super Bowl, but has played in certain select areas.  Sad.

  12. Fourth Reich anyone?  There are bothersome trends in our society which certainly don’t increase one’s confidence in humanity’s ability to better itself.

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