Should English Be Our Offical Language?


I just read a very thought-provoking article, and though it seemed particularly bent on discrediting the Tea Party movement, it does make some interesting points about our language in America.  I’d love to hear what you think about it.

Read the article here and please come back and share your comments! 



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3 Responses to Should English Be Our Offical Language?

  1. Hi..I just checked out that link u posted..  I’m kinda’ indifferent about making English the official language.. for me, making English the official language would bridge some co-operational gaps between native born Americans & modern immigrants.. but the cultural & religious gaps I dont think can be surmounted.  It was more practical for earlier immigrants to asssimilate & embrace Anglo-American culture, bcuz most European immigrants shared similar religious (Christian) and racial (White European) backgrounds, .. of course there were denominational/national differences, but they were close.  Now most of our immigrants are non-European, and many practice Eastern, Islamic & Hindu religion(s). So finding ways to compel everyone to use English may help us to communicate better, but the deep assimilation that would elevate & sustain our society, will still not happen.  I’ve seen over the years in Los Angeles, ethnic immigrant communities isolate themselves and replicate their home cultures more & more profoundly. They dont seem to have a desire to Americanize, even when they are capable of speaking English.. I dont see them desiring to carry on ‘American’ ways, so it’s not important to me if they use English or not.. it’s more pressing to me that we alter our immigration laws & security, or were going to become a Third World Latin nation, no matter what language we use (?) The folks who are advancing English advocacy laws always talk about how it would save us $ to print paperwork solely in English, which is true, but I actually think a part of them is instinctively (but covertly) acting to protect our Anglo/Euro culture, and I wish they would just say that, y’know, we dont want our ancestor’s language to be displaced.  peace

  2. BooksForMe says:

    I think making English the official language is right, but I don’t think other languages should be disallowed – just not allowed in an official capacity. For instance, do we want to have a U.N.-like environment in Congress? I don’t think so, I don’t want a Senator or President who needs a translator. I don’t think that’s right. And, I see nothing wrong with asking people to learn English. That is not a hardship. I am not bothered when I go into a shop in the North End and hear Italian. I don’t care if the waiter gives the cook my order in Spanish. Who cares? However, I don’t think it’s cool that citizenship tests are in other languages. I don’t think driver’s license tests should be in other languages. I don’t think applications for a social security card should be in other languages. Does that make sense? BTW, why do people give the Tea Party a hard time? 

  3. homefire says:

    @Patrick_Henry – I think the problem is the entitlement mentality rather than simply a matter of language.  It’s always been common for first-generation immigrants to speak their native language at least in the home, and often in their small local businesses, and I don’t think anyone has a problem with that.  The problem comes when immigrants expect that society should be made to accommodate them.  If they wish to do business on a larger scale, or to become part of the larger community, then it only makes sense to speak the language of that community.And you are so right that securing the border is infinitely more important.  In fact, they are mostly the same issue.  The main problems with non-English speakers are among illegal immigrants.  The ones who come in legally are generally literate in English or willing to learn.@BooksForMe – I agree with your take on the issue.“BTW, why do people give the Tea Party a hard time?”  –Perhaps because it threatens their dependent way of life  People get used to what they know, and anything that makes them step up and suddenly take responsibility when they are unused to it is pretty scary.

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