Common Sense


Too many people in Washington have forgotten how much sweat and blood go into earning an honest dollar.  I am convinced that if we could get politicians to spend six months picking fruit, pouring cement, or waiting tables, they’d have a much deeper appreciation of their sacred duty to spend our tax money wisely.

Common sense tells us that if we were required to pay our taxes in terms of physical labor instead of money, we would have put an end to wild spending a log time ago.  For example, if a roofer were required to work on twenty new homes instead of paying taxes or if a car mechanic were forced to repair fifty engines as his debt to the government, we would have rebelled against wasteful spending decades ago.  In many way it’s easier to part with our money than our time, but common sense tells us that they are one and the same:  Time is money.

                                                    ~ Glenn Beck in Common Sense

This really does make sense.  Have you ever translated your tax bill into terms like this?  How many hours do you work each year just to pay your taxes?

And I love the idea of making hard labor a mandatory prerequisite for politics.  How can a person serve a constituency to whom he cannot relate?  And how better to relate to the common people than to have worked menial jobs?



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One Response to Common Sense

  1. BooksForMe says:

    What a terrifying idea, having to do MORE work to pay taxes. Ugh. The thought makes me want to hide under my bed.

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