Politics and Religion


I was disturbed last night to see a news clip of Nancy Pelosi (of “pass the stimulus bill and then you’ll find out what’s in it” fame) urging priests and pastors to promote the immigration bill from the pulpit.  She then proceeded to offer a pious statement that “This is how we live out the gospel.”

First of all, isn’t this the same administration that assured people that America was NOT a Christian nation?  If that’s the case, why would our leaders encourage us to “live out the gospel?”

Secondly, isn’t this exactly what our founders were guarding against when they decided that the government would not be involved in religion?  When someone puts up a cross or a nativity scene, there is a collective gasp of horror from the media and threats of reprisal from the ACLU, but when Pelosi begins preaching that any real Christian would open the borders, the media doesn’t even raise an eyebrow.  And THIS, my friends, is the real danger–that political leaders will use the churches to gain their own ends.  Free expression of one’s own Christian religion is not a threat, but the governement use of religion to sway public opinion is definitely dangerous.

Speaking of news clips, I watched one of Glenn Beck last night, and he did it AGAIN.  Several times now I’ve heard him going on about how this administration wants to reDIStribute the wealth–accent on the second syllable.

Come ON, Glenn!!!  When it’s a noun, you pronounce it ReDIStribution.  When it’s a verb, it’s redisTRIBute.  (Like…  disTRIBute, remember??)  Please STOP!  It’s driving me nuts!  Soon you’ll have the whole country saying it your way. 



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5 Responses to Politics and Religion

  1. TNLNSL_PRN says:

    Amen!!  Wow…And i’m laughing so hard at your criticism of Beck.  LOL!!!  The things that drive us crazy, huh??? 

  2. And did you see where GB warned of how this administration is actually using churches to promote the socialist agenda??

  3. wearywalden says:

    I thought I heard something a while ago about the democrats wanting to investigate if some churches should have their tax exempt status revoked for being too political

  4. walkintrust says:

    OK, I’m sitting here saying distribute, redistribute, redistribution, distribution – wondering just exactly how I say it (correctly, I think).  Thanks for a fun post.  Also – excellent thoughts about mixing politics and religion for a particular viewpoint!

  5. BooksForMe says:

    Pelosi.  I can’t wait for her to go.  I can’t believe she said that.  I also laughed at the Beck thing, but it is a valid complaint.  I doubt I’d have noticed. You’re way too smart for me. 

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