She Made It!


Last fall we read about Jessica Watson, the 16-year-old Australian who was setting off to sail around the world alone.  There was a huge controversy, since many people thought she shouldn’t be allowed to do something so dangerous at such a young age.  I believe that the classification of Youngest Person to… [accomplish dangerous feats] was removed from the record books because they didn’t want to encourage more teens to brave such exploits. 

But she did it!  Jessica crossed the finish line on Saturday (which has barely begun here, but is past in Australia ) and became the youngest person to accomplish a solo circumnavigation of the world, whether the record books will document it or not!  If you’re interested in seeing where she sailed or reading her blog, here’s a link to her SITE.  It’s pretty neat to read a bit about it, and she sounds like rather an ordinary girl.  I can’t help but wonder how difficult it will be to go back to the mundane world of many people, on land, with authority figures, after being alone at sea for seven months. 

So what do you think?  Should the youngest person to accomplish such things be recognized? 

Should her parents have stopped her from going?

And is it really going to make a difference in whether kids attempt these kind of things if Guinness (or whoever) doesn’t put their name in a record book?  Somehow, considering all the publicity she’s receiving, I rather doubt it.

And I have to admit, I admire anyone spunky enough to attempt it,   Congratulations, Jessica!




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