Now THAT is weird


Weird.  Just plain weird.

In this world of electronic money, strange things can happen.

We used our Discover card to pay for a number of hotel rooms for a conference a few weeks ago, and just received a call that the bill had not been paid.  My response was, “What do you mean it’s not paid?  I have the receipt right here!”  But apparently, our credit card’s last four digits matched the last four digits of a credit card used by someone else a few days before, and the hotel had managed to charge our rooms to their credit card!  Since all that’s shown on the receipt is the last four digits, I glanced at it and knew it was right.  But it wasn’t.

What are the odds?  Has anyone else ever had this happen? 

I think it’s pretty flaky, and makes me really wonder how that whole system works.  How can rooms reserved under one card get switched to another one?  When they swipe the card, just where does that info go?  Why would it not be immediately attached to that room?  Surely there’s a better way.

Had to chuckle when I thought of the poor person who found that charge on their bill, though.  (WHY did I use twelve hotel rooms that weekend?) 



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One Response to Now THAT is weird

  1. ElizabethDNB says:

    hmmm… that is weird.  I have been on the other end of that, the person whose card was mistakenly charged, and to be honest I thought they were lying.  So now I guess I believe their excuse.  Good to be aware of.  thank you.

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