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I have been having such fun today.    I’ve discovered a new (to me) xanga site that has a bunch of great stuff on it.  Today’s post is something everyone will like–go check it out!

He linked to another post about education that I thought was incredibly good, as well as being quite funny.

And through too much timewasting a lot of creative browsing I’ve found several other things that tickled my fancy. 

For instance, did everyone else already know that there is a website with hundreds of free audiobooks???   One son is wanting to load the entire works of Sherlock Holmes on his mp3 player.  I sort of went crazy downloading things–can’t wait for read-aloud time! 

And speaking of audiobooks, there’s another site that carries only christian audiobooks, and every month they give away a free one.     This month’s, called Stuff Christians Like, is supposed to be very funny–I’m anxious to sample it.

And then there’s a blog which I’ve been to before, but today I happened onto this entry, which I liked a lot.  Here’s a line from it that I thought was interesting.  The whole thing is great–quite thought-provoking.

The “science” of global warming is nothing more than a cover for their irrational emotional needs.  It’s religion for people who are too cool to go to church.  All that yearning, the need for something bigger, transcendent: Hey the planet’s heating up and I’ve been placed here to save it!
I also discovered that Sing ‘n’ Learn has the Moody Science videos at a better price than I’ve ever seen them.  I’ve coveted that set for absolutely years, and now I’m thinking…but my kids are probably about too old for them now…  Very sad.  I still want them. 
Is that weird?  I am always finding stuff that my kids have outgrown, but it is so COOL, and *I* want it!!! 
Anybody else do that?
And while I’m plugging good resources, how about games?  Anybody else like logic games?  My very favorite game site is Everett Kaser Software.  I found Honeycomb Hotel years ago, bought the full version, and was quite addicted to it for a long time.  And wouldn’t you know that my old version doesn’t run on Vista?    I downloaded the free trial just to keep from total withdrawal.  I still think it’s one of the greatest games of all time.  It’s a great way to teach logic, and it’s fun.  My latest game crazes have been Knarly Mazes (good to play while you’re listening to something, because it doesn’t require a lot of in-depth thinking) and Hero Defiant, which requires some serious brain-bending.
Okay, I really need to go do something productive.  If you use these links and like them, let me know.


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I'm a wonderer. I spend a lot of time mulling, pondering, and cogitating. This is just a place to park some of those thoughts.
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3 Responses to Random Good Stuff

  1. Neeka1 says:

    Cool beans!!!  Did you know that John [followfreedom] also has the most amazing voice.  Check out his audio’s.  He is an awesome singer!!

  2. BooksForMe says:

    You’ve been plenty productive!  This is awesome.  I’m excited about those audio books.

  3. ElizabethDNB says:

    Wow!  Love free stuff!  and books!  Thank you for sharing the links!

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