A Spoiled God?


Men rarely (if ever) managed to dream up a god superior to themselves. Most gods have the manners and morals of a spoiled child. -Robert A. Heinlein, science-fiction author (1907-1988)

Robert Heinlein evidently never learned about the Judeo-Christian God, Creator of the universe.  Sad.




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6 Responses to A Spoiled God?

  1. nidan says:

    There is a lot of cherry picking on both sides of that fence.

  2. jillcarmel says:

    I used to think if I couldn’t think of a solution -God couldn’t either. So I guess that is what he means by that.

  3. What confounds me is how absurdly easy it is for so many to write off the Judeo-Christian God, Creator of the universe.  And in so doing, they have written me off as well.

  4. ElizabethDNB says:

    I think he meant like from anthnropological point of view.  I do not think he was speaking of the Abrahamic religions, but Greek, Roman and many tribal and religions.  However, even if he was refering to God I would not take it too hard, as that particular author was well known for his immaturity, and constant jumping from one end of the spectrum on any issue to the other.  He was a communist one day and a John Birch type guy the next; a devoted husband who advocated free love, and wrote about incest as if it were just another relationship issue.  A really good writer, but hardly a stable, mature thinker whose actual ideas need to be taken seriously.  He was a storyteller.  Don’t take it to heart.  There are plenty of actual serious, intellectually sound atheists much more worthy of debate than a Sci-Fi writer.

  5. homefire says:

    @ElizabethDNB – Interesting!  I’d never heard of him before…the quote just grabbed my attention.

  6. BooksForMe says:

    In case you thought no one was paying attention…

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