Ordering a Pizza in 2015


Just a glimpse into the future that would be really funny if it weren’t all too possible…


What do you think?  Will it ever come to this?

And here’s a quote from Chuck_Norris about the First Lady’s war on childhood obesity:

If obesity among our kids has tripled in the same 30 years that government intervention has tried to improve our children’s nutrition and fitness, do we really think more government intervention is the answer? Do the math – it doesn’t add up!

The problem is that, while the federal budget for nutrition and fitness has ballooned, so have America’s kids. The feds spend $15 billion annually already on nutrition in schools, and now they want to spend an additional $10 billion over the next 10 years. Why? Bottom line, because they don’t believe you as parents and guardians, your local communities, churches and school staff are capable of providing the nutritional information or a proper diet to your children. But somehow Congress and the White House are capable and qualified?

Remember when parents and guardians used to take care of their own kids? It’s not too late. Even the first lady recently confessed, “I had to lead our family to a different way,” which included paying more attention to portion size, eating more fruits and vegetables, drinking more water, limiting their television watching, increasing their physical activity, etc. Isn’t that what every parent should be doing? If she did, why can’t most Americans?



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3 Responses to Ordering a Pizza in 2015

  1. Hmmm, much wisdom here!  Thanks for visiting! God bless, ~ Pete”Since you were precious in My sight, you have been honored, and I have loved you…” Isaiah 43:4 (ref. my Xanga post of 2/14/2010 AD)

  2. tracezilla says:

    I agree, in part. Although, I think that money should be spent on changing the way schools feed kids who eat hot lunches and what is in the vending machines. However, I want them to do it the right way. What they’ve done so far obviously hasn’t worked. Nacho chili cheese frito pie does not become any healthier because you put fruit cocktail on the side or salad on the ala carte. :pHowever, I do agree that the government is probably getting way too overzealous with the project by expanding it into the homes of kids, which is where their parents/guardians are supposed to be “ruling.” Just because some parents won’t do their jobs as parents does not mean the government gets to decide that ALL parents are going to be that way.I actually get really irritated when I hear people say that the government should make it less “easy” for parents to be lazy about what they feed their children. Excuse me? Since when does the government or anyone unrelated to the immediate family of the children get to say what the child can and cannot eat in their parents’ home? As long as the parents aren’t feeding the child something he/she is allergic to or trying to murder them with poison, I don’t think anyone should be sticking their nose into it.Parents can’t be at the schools to make sure their kids all eat what they are supposed to eat. That is why I feel that the government has a right to step in in that situation and regulate things. But, they need to actually do it, not just say that they are going to. Not just give the school money blindly and say, ‘here this is for nutrition.’ Yeah, well, maybe they should make sure that the schools are using it for GOOD nutrition. Seriously, if you came to my home town and looked at what they served for lunch and breakfast, most parents’ would be appalled. And from what I hear, its the same way in most schools.Yes, the food probably does taste better these days. Because, its laden with grease and fat and sugar.That money could be best used on making SURE the schools focus on nutrition when it comes to what they serve the kids and what they stock in their vending machines. Maybe changing regulations or laws so that healthy foods are on par with the prices of non-healthy foods in the grocery stores, as well.But, I agree with Chuck Norris, nobody has a right to come in and blindly say to all the parents, “you can’t figure out how to feed your children correctly, so we’re going to do it for you.”

  3. homefire says:

    @tracezilla@lovelyish – I agree that Chuck Norris said it well.  Parents need to be involved.  The closer to the actual situation a person is, the better they can see what is needed.  Big government programs fail because they can’t see from Washington what is needed in Smalltown, USA or wherever.  If parents are actively involved in the schools, they know what is being served and can change it.  You say parents can’t be at the schools–why not?  I know plenty of parents who visit or volunteer periodically at their children’s schools.  Parents who care about their children should make the effort to find out exactly what is going on at school. It’s the mindset of letting someone else be resposible for your child (or your debts, or your mistakes) that is ruining America today. You said:  Maybe changing regulations or laws so that healthy foods are on par with the prices of non-healthy foods in the grocery stores, as well.Hmmm.  Had to wonder how you would pull that off.  Price controls won’t work if the cost of producing the food is different.  I would love to be able to feed my family on fresh veggies and fruits all winter, but the fact is that the cost of shipping them in fresh is greater than the cost of canning them, so you can’t simply change the price.  I like the idea of organically raised things, but my budget doesn’t allow it, because the regulations on them are so strict and drives their price up.  It would be great to have healthier foods be cheaper, but how could you possibly do it? Maybe the only answer is for people to care, and to make the effort toward positive change for themselves.  That’s why America is in such a muddle today…because so many people simply don’t care.  About nutrition, for one, but it applies to all kinds of other things as well.  Because we have been conditioned to expect maximum pleasure for minimum sacrifice.

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