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Does anyone else think it’s just a wee bit sad when a parent of several children has to count their “grandpuppies” because none of their children has borne children?  I just can’t help feeling that it’s not a good thing when marriage and children are sidelined.  I realize that not everyone will get married, and there are blessings in that, but I also think that those people are the minority.  The ones who sadden me are those who are married, but childless by choice.  I realize that there are people in this world who are concerned about overpopulation, but the fact is that the opposite is actually becoming a worry.  Our society is now in a stage where unless a lot of people start having more children, we will not be able to continue our current lifestyle for very long.

It’s such a weird world we live in.  There is always a new bandwagon to jump on, and each one tries to solve a problem, but almost always ends up creating one or more new problems.


Why would ANYone name a store Kountry Kubbard?  Is that glaring misspelling supposed to attract me to it?
Because…it ‘s not working.


The Mass Exodus to Facebook
I just looked through my 50 or so subscriptions and found that only about 15 have actually blogged anything in the past 3 months.  Many of them haven’t been on xanga for a year.  No wonder I am so much better able to keep up with my subscriptions than I used to be!  And no wonder I no longer get much traffic on my site.

I have gone through numerous temptations to joins Facebook, but every time I spend any time on there, it just doesn’t feel right.  It’s all about one-liners and surface talk.  Yes, there are occasional good conversations on there, but it’s so hard to wade through the jabber to find them.  And I would want to read it all, and I simply don’t have time.  But it’s hard to stay away when I have SO many friends on there.  sniff.


It’s been an interesting day…very, very quiet, but nice.



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I'm a wonderer. I spend a lot of time mulling, pondering, and cogitating. This is just a place to park some of those thoughts.
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13 Responses to Random Observations, Comments, and Thoughts

  1. I totally agree!!  Although I have been one to slow considerably on my posts (due to a person who makes uneducated, hurtful and stupid comments on so much I write).  I dont know how to delete her as a subscriber, but even if you do, can she still read by just typing in the address? I do have a facebook…but it is so incredibly shallow!  No depth to the thoughts…just one or two lines about surface things.  The only thing I use facebook for is to chat with far away friends and to play bejeweled blitz (one of the few little one minute pleasures in my life) .I always enjoy reading what you have to say.  You are always a pleasing and interesting read. 

  2. TNLNSL_PRN says:

    I have a hard time with the first one, because i can’t have kids.  And my grandmother constantly makes references to the fact that she’ll never end up having great grandchildren.

  3. ShineOn1983 says:

    Actually, I have read some really inspiring things on my FB page, and have posted some things that I think are really worthwhile.As far as the people who are childless by choice, what about those people who would love to have children, long for it in fact, but know that to do so would only put those children in great jepordy because of the one they are married to? What would you say to that? Would you then encourage those people to go ahead anyway?

  4. fwren says:

    Awww, c’mon ~ join us on FB.  You can still do Xanga too ~

  5. ElizabethDNB says:

    Issue #1-  Okay, boyseverywhere, so hope it is not me!  I often say stupid things accidently, and while I do not remember doing that with you, I often share waaay to much on xanga, sometimes even in comments which may not be the coolest thing,  and if I did that to you, I am so sorry.  I have always enjoyed your posts, and have missed them.Issue #2- I agree.  China is facing this situation, as are other countries of similar culture.  The elderly who have always been cared for by the family no longer have security, and young people who were the only ones in their family of their generation end up responsible for 4-8 relatives and are unable to keep up.    I totally agree that waiting is not a good idea.  It has also increased birth defects, learning disabilities, and fertility problems.  I think the women who choose to wait so long, and then have trouble getting pregnant has risen 450% in the last 20 years (think “Idiocracy”)  And I do not think that anybody could reasonably infer that you are referring to those heart rending tales of people who wish they could have kids and can’t.  So many people have been there.  That is sad, and not what she is talking about in this case.Issue #3- I do FB and Xanga.  Come, join the darkside!  I use FB for chatting and Xanga for discussions and journal and homeschool updates etc.  Xanga is like a long email and FB is like a text message ya know?

  6. homefire says:

    @CrystallineFigurines – Jen, you know that’s totally different!  Not only are you single, but you hope to adopt someday.  You’re not childless by choice, right?  I’m talking about the ones who are selfish, just don’t want to mess up their lifestyle, etc.@boyseverywhere – um…you can block people from your site, though it’s an extreme measure.  So sorry you’ve had this problem!@fwren – @ElizabethDNB – I’m scared to try FB, frankly.  I go to my dh’s page and see all that traffic, and know that I would feel compelled to keep up with it (that’s how I am) and I already waste too much time online, I think.  I don’t know…maybe someday I’ll feel like I can handle it.  But not today yet.  We’ll see.@ShineOn1983 – You’ve brought up an interesting point.  Yes, people in that situation need to be pouring themselves into their marriage and building up their spouses and their relationship first.  They need to forgive and pray and encourage and forgive and pray like crazy and do everything they know to serve their spouses.  Because the biggest responsibility I have other than my relationship with God is to be a helper to my husband.

  7. quilt_cats says:

    I have noticed the same thing on the xanga vs facebook thing.  I have a facebook- and it’s totally different than my xanga.  You can write an interesting blog from xanga and read other people’s… Facebook, on the other hand seems to me just a place to put a very short message or a quote perhaps but nothing more than that- a sentence is about the extent of it.  Even so, people obviously love it.  I have lost so many of my xanga people because they have made that mass exodus over there and stayed.  I think it’s the games that are linked to facebook that draw people there…. it’s weird though.   

  8. mamaglop says:

    @boyseverywhere – I’ve noticed you don’t post as much, I hope I am not the commenter.  If you block her but you don’t have xanga lock, she can probably still read them.

  9. mamaglop says:

    I agree with so much you said here.  I feel the same way about facebook, but I have an account because I can instant message my kids when they’re online (that is fun for me), and see their pictures.  -I’m not a facebook stalker to my kids though, I go on about once a week and look at a few of them.  I’m also saddened if married people who would like to have children and would be good parents don’t because of overpopulation concerns.  I think life without children would be pinched and shallow,  but I do see the logic if you are looking at the way the world is going, or if the people in question have health concerns that might affect the children… I am depressed by the idea of substituting puppies for grandchildren.  I think of the Bible verse, “Do not take what is holy and give it to the dogs.”  So many children need “grandparents” -why not informally adopt some of them, or even become foster parents? They might be able to set some child on a life-giving life’s course with their impulse to grandparent.

  10. BooksForMe says:

    Well, if you ever join FB, we must play Scrabble.  It’s my favorite reason to be there.I totally agree about not having babies.  My niece is postponing children for five years minimum!  She’ll be in her 30s.  Makes me sad.  She makes it sound like children will ruin her life.  It’s really pathetic and selfish.  I did laugh out loud at the grandpuppies line, but otherwise it is not funny at all.  Islam will take over the world only because they are having more babies.Also DO NOT get the misspelling of names as an advertising gimmick.  ACK!!!Glad it’s been a good day.  I bet you’ll be glad to have some noise, though. 🙂

  11. tracezilla says:

    I don’t intend to marry, but if I do I definitely do not intend to have children. It has nothing to do with worrying about overpopulation or not. I just do not want kids. I like kids, but only to watch them from afar. I don’t like interacting with children, I don’t even like to hold babies. They’re cute from far away, but that’s it for me. I don’t feel at all upset over this, though, nor do I feel my biological clock ticking and nor do I feel as if I am missing out on something. The truth is, while for most people children can be and often are fulfilling and joyous, it is just not so for everybody.I also don’t think anybody should have kids to satisfy their parents’ need/want for grandkids. Or anyone’s idea that they should have kids. The best time to have kids is when you feel that you want to and/or you are ready to do so.And, I don’t know why they purposely misspell things in order to seem clever or to attract attention. It kind of makes me either raise an eyebrow or laugh out loud at the absurdity. Why would anyone think it is clever or fetching to promote yourself as illiterate if you are supposed to be providing a service or business?I don’t hate or love Facebook. :p I have a site there, but it is mostly just to keep up with friends and relatives. I don’t really have conversations there over chat very often, I don’t play games like Farmville or Fishville or Zoo-whatever. I rarely get into the Apps sections. It is, for me, purely for keeping up with what my friends and relatives are doing, allowing them to keep up with me, and staying in touch. I rarely add anyone to my friend list if I do not know them and so I feel safe keeping everything locked up to private or friends only and allowing the people on my friend list to see my contact information such as my instant messengers, my e-mail, my address and my phone numbers.But, then again, I don’t have the need to search through every single thing my friends and relatives are doing on Facebook and reading every single little thing they write. :p A lot of people seem to have that need, though, so you are not alone! There are a lot of people who feel as if they are as good as addicted to Facebook because they are constantly on the site watching what everyone is doing, and have a hard time not checking Facebook every ten to fifteen minutes or so to see if anything new is there to make sure they don’t miss anything or whatever. :pSo, if you think that that might end up being a problem for you, it probably is a good idea that you are staying away from Facebook. But, I can understand why it is so hard, I finally got one a while back when more of my own friends started to get sites there.

  12. homefire says:

    @tracezilla@lovelyish – I also don’t think anybody should have kids to satisfy their parents’ need/want for grandkids. Or anyone’s idea that they should have kids. The best time to have kids is when you feel that you want to and/or you are ready to do so.  ~~That’s a really good point.  I agree.  And I understand your position.  I’m not a baby person either–my husband had to convince me to have children, actually–but the fact is that now I honestly can’t imagine anything that could ever be more important to do in life.  Children are not just little people to enjoy–they are what has made me grow more than anything else.  I have learned more by raising children than I could have ever imagined.  And btw, your own children are totally different than other people’s…I still don’t feel all that comfortable with other people’s kids. 

  13. tracezilla says:

    @homefire – That worked out well for you and I am glad. 🙂 But, I really don’t even like to be around small kids. When they get to be around 15 and can hold a moderately intelligent conversation, then I can be around them more, but I don’t want to be around them for long. A few minutes is good enough for me. I like to look at babies and kids, they are cute. Much like looking at a picture on a calendar of children or of puppies or kittens. I love to look at kittens and watch them play in real life, as well, but I would never like to own one. I have and it was nothing but irritating hassle. I have the very same feeling about children. They’re nice to look at, but I don’t really want to be around them. I actually avoid visiting with my sister and my brother, because they each have children and I am always expected to at least have a minimal amount of interaction with my nieces and nephews.I really think that there are a lot of people who do not quite understand how some people who do not want kids and are adamant about it and cannot be talked into it actually feel about it. I think a lot of people have this idea that, “well, if you would just actually have children then you would see what we’re trying to tell you and you would love it!” attitude toward people like me. And while that might be true for some, it is not true for all people who do not want children. I don’t hate kids, but I don’t like them, either.

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