Hellooo, Nanny State


Okay, this one fries my brain.  The Obama administration is stating that they have a right to your cell phone records, without a warrant or any suspicion of a crime.  This Friday, the case will be argued in court.


Does anyone but me have a really big problem with this?  Does anyone know about it?  WHY is there not a HUGE uproar?



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3 Responses to Hellooo, Nanny State

  1. I am afraid we have become complacent… God bless, ~ Pete”Since you were precious in My sight, you have been honored, and I have loved you…” Isaiah 43:4 (ref. my Xanga post of 2/14/2010 AD)

  2. TNLNSL_PRN says:

    I hadn’t heard of this until now!!!  Wow!!

  3. tracezilla says:

    I hadn’t heard of this until now, either. I think its probably a lack of reporting, which is even stranger. You would think that ALL of the mainstream media outlets would be JUMPING on this, regardless of whether they are Republica-oriented, Democrat-oriented, or neutral. Its bizarre that they aren’t.Let’s for just ONE moment leave out the warrant issue (it is HUGE, but I’m doing that for argument’s sake) why would they even WANT to look at my cell phone if they did not think I was doing something wrong with it? There really is no such thing as looking through a person’s stuff or house or anything without suspicion of a crime in this sort of thing. It is simply that they don’t have to TELL you or the courts or anyone else what that crime was that they thought you were committing. And after that may come that they don’t even have to tell you what crime you’re being charged with one day, if this kind of illegal search and seizure becomes legal, if you are arrested.I read once that there was at one time legislation going through where they were trying to get it passed that the police did not have to stop questioning a suspect if they asked for a lawyer. Which would be great, if you could count on every suspect being guilty, which you can’t. And in that case there would be a HUGE increase in innocent people getting put on trial for something they didn’t do, getting put in prison or perhaps even put to death for something they did not do. Because, its been proven that if you brow-beat someone long enough and loud enough and hard enough without much, or any, pause, they will say whatever they know you want to hear just to get you to stop. At some point food, something to drink, a bathroom break, REST would all seem like more important things as your body calls for various natural means of necessity and makes you desperate.With legislation like you’ve mentioned in this post comes a lot of bad things along down the road with it. This is asking to legalize illegal search and seizure and there is A REASON that this is against the law. And, I believe, unconstitutional. I am not going to sit and pretend to be an expert on the Constitution of the United States of America, but I am pretty sure SOMEWHERE in there it talks about search and seizure laws.If so, then if this bill passes it will be unconstitutional and it will be in EVERYONE’S best interest for someone to challenge it immediately. This needs to be challenged with a huge public outcry right away.Jeez. Bush did things without telling anyone that were illegal, but now Obama is trying to legalize the illegal to make it okay for things to be done that should never be done!I’m usually a supporter of Obama, but this is one legislation from his administration that I can definitely say I am NOT for and I am appalled that this is even going to court or being attempted.There is a reason that this sort of thing is against the law. We should not attempt to screw with it like this.

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