Gratitude Monday



Gifts that make my life worth living,
gifts that make my moments holy.
Not gifts that I wish for,
but gifts that I have received.
Gifts that bring me back
into Joy and Gratitude.


a turkey prancing through the snow
a blue and pink cotton candy sunrise
chocolate covered coffee beans
frost-shrouded bushes glinting in the sunlight
a warm fire to snuggle beside
a fascinating book
an incredible array of chips and dip
fresh pineapple
ice skaters swooping and gliding around the ice
or lurching and stumbling across the ice
or circling ve-ery slowly and cautiously at first but gradually relaxing, like me
legs that work just the way they’re supposed to
a Zamboni, wiping out all the false starts and skidmarks, leaving a smooth new beginning
a God who continually does the same, over and over
in my life


Yep.  Ice skating was very scary at first, but my wonderful husband held my hand during the first circuit, and I gradually gained confidence.  And we remembered how much we loved it.  The whole family can’t wait to go back.


We recently read aloud A Heart Strangely Warmed, a short biography of John Wesley, and there were a couple of quotes I liked.  Once Wesley was asked, “But where will all this lead?”  

His response was, ” I am not concerned about what may be a hundred years hence.  He who governed the world before I was born will take care of it likewise when I am dead.  My part is to improve the present moment.” 

The other quote is from his mother, Susannah:  “You must not pass through the world like straw upon a river.”  One of the children asked what in the world that meant, and as I was trying to explain, my oldest son interjected, “Don’t go through the river like a boat–go through rock like a chisel.” 

I thought, yeah…that’s good.  Leave your mark. 



About dayuntoday

I'm a wonderer. I spend a lot of time mulling, pondering, and cogitating. This is just a place to park some of those thoughts.
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4 Responses to Gratitude Monday

  1. fwren says:

    LOVED this post, dear friend.  I would have so enjoyed watching the turkey prance; I’m so thankful you enjoyed and survived the ice skating ~ and I really liked your analogy with the Zamboni ~

  2. love that…go through life like a chisel through rock. very insightful!

  3. mcbery says:

    Being a chisel gives me a headache! Lol! Good post. I read some stories about John Wesley’s parents. Very interesting. If I remember right they didn’t speak to each other for months one time because of a disagreement they had about politics. Sounds funny but when you’re a chisel you don’t give up. I’m sorry but that just strikes me funny this morning. Must be the snow all around on the ground.

  4. ElizabethDNB says:

    Loe your gratitude posts!  Always helps my perpective.  I once did a study with soem girls friends on Mrs. Wesley.  Awesome woman!

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