I Remember Wednesday


I folded a washcloth today that brings up a lot of memories.  It’s faded now, but I remember the day it was purchased.


One day when I was around ten or twelve years old, my grandma took me to town and told me to pick out a washcloth that I liked.  I chose this one with a pink and lavender flower arrangement.  She found some thread that matched the lavender in the washcloth, and we went home.  Back at her house, she proceeded to teeach me how to crochet.  While she worked with her own crochet hook, I tried to follow her moves.  I learned to chain, and a few other stitches, and then it was time for the washcloth.  While I practiced my stitches, Grandma laboriously blanket stitched all around it so that I would have loops to hook into, and then we began.  She showed me the tricky little way to anchor several stitches in one place, and amazingly, the scalloped edge began to emerge. 

When it was finished, it was carefully packed away in my hope chest, along with the pillowcases I had embroidered and later, the quilt that she taught me to piece and then quilted for me, not to mention the many beautiful dishes that both of my grandmothers gave to me as a young girl.

Evidently the crocheting was a good enough job, because it’s gone through twenty-five years of use and laundering.  The washcloth has actually developed a tiny hole, but the crocheted edge is still intact.  Amazing.  But the best part isn’t that I have a washcloth with memories.  The best part is that I still have a tiny bit of my grandma with me every time that I use it AND I have a skill that I never would have otherwise learned. 

It amazes me now to think back on what a good teacher Grandma was.  She simply sat down with me and we worked together.  She was incredibly patient and never made me feel inept in any way.  She examined my work carefully, and she was very particular, yet I never felt criticized.  I don’t remember that I ever asked her to teach me these things–she simply poured out what she knew best into her granddaughter, and I loved the time we spent together. 

I wonder if I can be half as good a grandma as she was…

So far, I don’t think I’ve taught Amy much, but she has learned to love computers.  She likes the lights that flash and those buttons are SO fun to push.  We finally gave her her own keyboard. 




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13 Responses to I Remember Wednesday

  1. ElizabethDNB says:

    What a wonderful memory!  Thank you for sharing.  I think that Grandma can be a truly crucial person for a little girl.  I know mine was the only one who I felt like really understood me, yet told me when I was being an ass when I went through a really rough, backslidden time in my life.  She was not some one who can be replaced.  I am sure you will be that for your GD as well.

  2. mcbery says:

    That’s a wonderful story. I love the keyboard baby too. So cute!

  3. fwren says:

    so special that you still have it ~

  4. walkintrust says:

    Somehow keyboarding alongside Grandma just doesn’t generate the same warm fuzzies that crocheting does:) (If I knew how to leave a smiley, I would!)  Good Grandma’s were such a blessing, weren’t they!  I’m still thankful for mine almost every day.  And now Amy has a wonderful one, too!  Blessings.

  5. BooksForMe says:

    Very sweet.  SO nice to have had grandmas who sowed into your life!  

  6. Techno Baby! How cute! I have good memories of my Grandma and Grandpa also. Miss them so much.

  7. homefire says:

    @walkintrust – Somehow keyboarding alongside Grandma just doesn’t generate the same warm fuzzies that crocheting does:)  Yeah, I know what you mean…  Well, maybe someday I’ll be able to impart something worthwhile.  Hope so, anyway.

  8. jillcarmel says:

    that is sweetare you from Texas? I noticed the book at the top-she was in Mexia,Tx and this area.

  9. mamaglop says:

    I also had a wonderful granny and a grandma with a large personality.  I want to be as good a granny as mine was.  I still think of her often, and can hear the way she used to say things in my mind.

  10. homefire says:

    @Babyboomerjill – Nope, I’m a long way from Texas–Michigan!  Ds is reading that book for school, and I decided I need to read it too.  It’s quite good!

  11. jillcarmel says:

    @homefire – we live about an hour drive or more from the Fort that she got kidnapped from

  12. homefire says:

    @Babyboomerjill – Cool!  Small world, huh? 

  13. jillcarmel says:

    @homefire – it’s an interesting story-sad,too.

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