Words to Quote


A large vocabulary is like an artist having a big palette of colors.
We don’t have to use all the colors in a single painting,
but it helps to be able to find just the right shade when we need it.
We shouldn’t hesitate to use an unusual shade of color if it brings out a nuance in the painting.
A large vocabulary works the same way.
We don’t have to use long, multisyllabic words all the time,
but if a word fits, if it helps to portray our thoughts and convey ideas better,
we shouldn’t hesitate to use it.
~Anu Garg, creator of
http://wordsmith.org/ and A.Word.A.Day daily email



About dayuntoday

I'm a wonderer. I spend a lot of time mulling, pondering, and cogitating. This is just a place to park some of those thoughts.
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5 Responses to Words to Quote

  1. PreciousOnyx says:

    nice analogy- and so true:)

  2. ElizabethDNB says:

    that is a lovely way of describing language.

  3. fwren says:

    I heard once that in heaven, there are likely way more colors than we now know, lots more musical notes than we have ever heard, incredible things we cannot begin to imagine.  Doesn’t it make you wonder about the words spoken there?  Pure ~ God-exalting ~ complete in meaning and purpose.  Hmmm ~

  4. This gives me something to think about for a while!

  5. nice…i love words! never thought of them in that way before, though…i think perhaps it will make me more conscious of the words i choose so as to correctly convey the meaning behind my thoughts. maybe if we all did that, we could get rid of political correctness because there would, or could, be less offense in the world? 

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