I Remember Wednesday – Abortion


This post is more serious than most of my Wednesday memories, but it’s one that I want to share just as a reminder of the pitfalls there are when you’re growing up in a confusing world.

It happened when I was about 10 or 12 years old, just a few years after Roe vs. Wade, and there was still a lot of discussion in the media about abortion.  At that time, however, I don’t remember ever seeing bumper stickers and billboards with pictures of fetuses and messages that “abortion stops a beating heart.”  

One afternoon, after reading the newspaper, my mother muttered something about how she couldn’t believe they had made abortion legal.  I innocently inquired, “Why?  It’s the woman’s own body, isn’t it?” 

I’ll never forget the horrified look in Mom’s eyes.  After sputtering for a bit, she proceeded to explain to me exactly what abortion was and why she considered it horrible.  I was stunned.  I had never even considered it from that angle. 

It’s weird to look back now and realize how thoroughly indoctrinated I had been, and I have no idea how I got that way.  I don’t remember any teacher ever talking about it, it wasn’t a topic for discussion among my friends at that age. and I’d never been interested enough to read up on it.  Yet I had spouted forth an opinion, fully formed, without any thought of my own behind it whatsoever.  I had bought into it without ever checking it out or even thinking about it.  I suppose maybe I had heard a radio talk show or overheard people talking, and without ever exploring the idea, stowed it away in my brain.

It’s a scary thing.  Propaganda is a powerful tool.  It’s hard to dissect every single thing that we hear and evaluate it.  When you consider the hundreds of different messages that are pumped into our brains every day, through books, newspapers, billboards, radio, TV, songs, and just talking to our friends, it is sobering to think what an effect it can have. 

It’s also a reminder that we need to TALK to our children.  A LOT.  I suppose my mother had never discussed it with me because I was young, and she never dreamed that I was picking up ideas from other sources.  Kids in this world will hear about all sorts of things, some horribly inappropriate, no matter how hard we try to shield them.  Sometimes it’s hard, but we need to be talking to them and making sure they know our values, that they see what God’s Word has to say about the issues.  It’s a vital part of training up a child, and I am so thankful that my mother told me the truth that day. 



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7 Responses to I Remember Wednesday – Abortion

  1. BooksForMe says:

    Yes, yes, yes!  We MUST talk to our children. I call it brainwashing. 

  2. mamaglop says:

    Excellent advice, and I would add, just because we have talked about them, we must not assume each child has heard, and be intentional to tell the younger ones as we did the older.

  3. tracezilla says:

    I agree, parents need to talk to their children more and have open discussions. Children shouldn’t be afraid to mention things to their parents, because in that kind of a situation children get into trouble by getting information from other sources and making huge missteps. While missteps are normal growing up and even healthy, since our mistakes help to shape who we are as adults and help us mature, there are some really big ones that don’t NEED to be made.Although, I am fully aware of what abortion is and how it is performed and I still support the woman’s right to choose abortion, I also fully support the woman’s right NOT to choose abortion.Nobody should try to make a solid opinion on anything, however, without having all of the facts available to them. In the end it is their opinion to form, however which way they feel is right, but they can’t actually make a solid decision on what opinion to form without knowing all of the facts.And it is the parents’ responsibility to be making sure that as far as morals, values and things of that nature go, you are talking to your children. You are letting them know how you feel, why you feel that way, etc.I think that a lot of parents, especially today, skip this sort of thing with their children far, far too often. 😦

  4. homefire says:

    @mamaglop – good point!  I think it’s very easy to let it slide with the younger ones, either under the assumption that they’ve heard it all from their siblings or simply because we forget.  @tracezilla@lovelyish – Thanks for stopping by.  I appreciate your input.

  5. wow! excellent post! i am so thankful to be homeschooling my dd, even tho i do work pt. we often discuss things like that…she is so sweet natured and compassionate, just starting to talk about abortion or abandoning newborns in a dumpster makes her get all misty-eyed. she often starts the discussion, even. what a blessing it is to see and help nurture that in my child…and what an awesome responsibility God has given parents…so sad that so many take it so lightly. thanks for this post!

  6. homefire says:

    @seekingJehova – How great that you’re able to hs!  I truly admire anyone who does that while working outside the home.  Kudos to you!  And thanks for stopping by~

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