Instant Communication–Back to the Old Ways?


A few months ago, I ranted about technology and communication and how different things are than they used to be.  Read the previous posts here and here 

By chance, this evening I happened onto a talk about that very subject that shares a radically different viewpoint.  Stefana Broadbent thinks that with the instant communication technology, we are actually returning to a more natural pattern of human communication! 

It is a fascinating idea, and a completely new way to look at the subject, but I have to admit that she makes some excellent points.  When the industrial revolution occurred, people suddenly were shut into factories away from their families for most of the day, completely changing communication patterns.  Then we began institutionalizing our children, teaching them gradually to handle separation from family and interaction with larger groups, which readied them for factory/office environments.  And until very recently, people at work were expected to be pretty much cut off from outside communication so that they could focus on their work.  (Which I confess, doesn’t seem all bad to me…  )

But listen for yourself.  It’s fascinating.  I’m still not sure whether I agree with her, but I appreciate the new perspective.

A hat tip to Sherri for pointing me to the TED site.  Lots of interesting stuff there.



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11 Responses to Instant Communication–Back to the Old Ways?

  1. ElizabethDNB says:

    interesting!  I had not thought of it like that.

  2. mcbery says:

    Interesting, I agree. I couldn’t get the video to play but I think instant communication could be our way out of the corruption if it doesn’t get blocked by corruption. 

  3. lglavy says:

    Thanks a lot Ronda.  My family will sooo appreciate me being able to spend hours listening to interesting talks and then spewing all sorts of information at them.  They already think I have waaaaaaay tooo much useless knowledge.  Of course the ‘useless’ part is only THEIR opinion.  I thik this is a cool site…maybe i can incorporate it into my bike  time or something.

  4. homefire says:

    @lglavy – LL!  I guess you are more like me than I thought!

  5. walkintrust says:

    @lglavy – Bike Time??  I’m impressed.

  6. Should I ever have a child, they will not have a cell phone which they do not pay for entirely on their own. The umbillicus needs to be cut, and I notice that rarely happening these days. Ever minor crisis is averted with a swift call to their (still) providers, and bored “empty-nesters” are more than willing to oblige.I think texting is a plague on our generation and future ones. Conversations are limited to overly concise and unexpressive headlines. This form of communication I believe has lead to thought to becoming relfective of that, as depth is no longer relevant to function. I could continue, but I’ll spare you the rant.

  7. homefire says:

    @Magniloquentia – Thanks for stopping by.  I had to chuckle at your comment about cutting the umbilicus–I’d be delighted if my son did call me occasionally.  His cell is certainly not used much for calling mama!    I agree with you on texting–how will this generation ever learn to spell?  And there certainly won’t be any beautiful love letters for their grandchildren to find.

  8. How do I turn your music off so that I can watch the video without hearing both sources of sound?

  9. homefire says:

    @davidpendleton – Scroll to the bottom and hit the pause button on the music player.  Sorry about that~

  10. @homefire – I have never noticed that before.  Thank you!  I also found a “work around” for watching the video.  I just went directly to the site where you got it.  No biggie.  Thought the video was interesting, and I also thought the conversation on that site was interesting.  Thanks for posting.  And thanks for pointing out the music player to me.

  11. Lucygray1 says:

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