I was thankful last week
Honestly, I was.
But sometimes you’re just so busy living that you don’t have time to write about it.
Know what I mean?

We traveled twelve hours to spend Thanksgiving with my sister and her family,
spent several days being lazy and enjoying their company, then traveled twelve hours home.
It was wonderful.

Great people, great food, great times…

Thank you, Lord, for these beautiful gifts.


Gifts that make my life worth living,
gifts that make my moments holy.
Not gifts that I wish for,
but gifts that I have received.
Gifts that bring me back
into Joy and Gratitude.
It’s everyday thanksgiving…
It’s Thanksliving!


the blessing of living in a country where we have the freedom to drive 750 miles away without once having to show identification
 anticipation of a weekend with people we love
rumble strips at the edge of the highway
Christmas carols in the van with our own little twist:  five go-old rings…and a cartridge in a printer
an arched stone bridge
hilly green meadows dotted with black cows…and one red cow in the middle
a brilliant sunbeam spiking triumphantly down through growly grey clouds
Christmas bells
late nights
long talks
movie marathons
the smell of turkey roasting
stuffing and mashed potatoes
three kinds of pie
girls who giggle long into the night

grilled Italian chicken
browsing local antique shops
wet burritos
a big cat named Tigger who likes to sleep on laptop computers
cinnamon rolls
an apple spice scented candle
Cinzetti’s – the most marvelous Italian buffet ever!
highways stacked on top of one another, funneling cars through a convoluted maze where, amazingly, each seems to know its own way
a town in Iowa called What Cheer
a thick, juicy roast beef sandwich
leafless black tree branches, gnarled like arthritic hands
a towering stack of huge grain carts in front of the Kinze  plant
rolling hills of golden harvested fields, with fences and ditches stitching across like a crazy quilt
an octagonal barn with a cupola
an old windmill all alone on a hilltop
seagulls flocking around a tractor as it traveled through the field
a full moon in the middle of the afternoon
a house outlined in lights
spending whole days with my wonderful husband


I am also thankful because we left a little late this morning.  If we had left right on time, we would have probably been right at the scene of a bad wreck 
The road was closed all day to clean up about 400 gallons of hydrochloric acid, and the area was evacuated for a time.
As it was, we left a half hour late and missed it by half an hour.  God is so good.



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I'm a wonderer. I spend a lot of time mulling, pondering, and cogitating. This is just a place to park some of those thoughts.
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One Response to Thanksliving

  1. BooksForMe says:

    I try not to stress about being late for reasons just like that one.

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