Yesssss! Just as I’ve been saying…


Finally, the medical community is admitting that the dangers of mammograms might outweigh the benefits!

BUT then we read on…it is actually a government task force which is recommending this.

Now that’s interesting, isn’t it?  Just as we get to the eve of a government-run health care plan, suddenly it becomes not so important to get tested.  Much as I hate mammograms, I have to wonder if the whole point of this is not to get us used to limiting our care, because of course, that’s what’s going to happen if the government runs health care.  You’ll get less and less care for all the dollars you invest.  Watch for more government taks forces declaring that various medical tests are not worth the money we spend on them…   The telling sentence:  ” the incidence of breast cancer among women between 40 and 50 is so low that you have to screen so many women to save one life.”  Well, we wouldn’t want that, now would we?

Editing again:  The last line of this article really confused me.  It says that “mammography remains the only test that offers some screening value”  Why then, the last two times I had a mammogram, did they order an ultrasound because they couldn’t read the mammogram?  It seems to me that maybe ultrasound might be a better way to screen in the first place!  It’s certainly a great deal less painful and invasive.  But then, it may also be more expensive, and you know the government won’t like that… 

The comments on the article are interesting–many people howling that without a routine mammo someone they love would be dead.  But no one raises the question that I have wondered about:  do routine mammos actually traumatize breast tissue (with all the compression and radiation) so much that they actually cause cancer?  That’s what *I* would like to see a study on!




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10 Responses to Yesssss! Just as I’ve been saying…

  1. After reading articles about it everywhere I had no idea WHO advises after 50 and every 2 years. I still think self examination is important to continue though. Especially if you have a heavy mass of breasts. 

  2. homefire says:

    @AnamcharaConcepts – I just read the first part of the article before I posted.  BIG mistake.  I’ve updated now, because I’ve changed my mind about what’s happening here.  And I think you’re right that it is wrong to discourage self-exam.  After all, what risks are there in that

  3. BooksForMe says:

    I’ve wondered the same thing about mammograms, if they don’t actually result in cancer.  

  4. Romans_837 says:

    Logic question…If mammograms are the normal way to determine breast cancer…How would you prove whether mammograms cause cancer?Like I tell my wife…”there’s a shortage of perfect breasts in the world…t’would be a pity to damage yours.”My wife’s grandmother survived breast cancer…

  5. lookin4Jesus says:

    I am interested in checking into a thermogram, I believe it’s called. I could be wrong about the exact name, but my sister had one – her naturopath suggested it. It’s supposed to be much less dangerous. The problem is that it’s not as easy to find a place who does it.

  6. suzsea says:

    I could not agree with you more.  I have wondered this myself and have often skipped a year or two much to the “horror” of my gyn and pcp.  My mother died of breast cancer when she was 46 and I was 15. I’ve outlived her by 7 years now.  I am fully aware of the risks….but…have struggled with the very things you mention about the mammos.  AND….the last time I went they did an ultrasound for the same reason and scheduled be to come back in 6 months to recheck…using both mammo and ultrasound.  I have not returned yet.

  7. fwren says:

    Whenever my doctor encourages me to get a mammogram ~ I tell her I really do not agree with getting x-rays shot into my body in the same place every year, or any year, for that matter ~ who’s to know if 10 years of that doesn’t CAUSE cancer?  And she never argues with me ~ so what are they NOT telling us???  I also do not allow my dentist to x-ray my teeth very often.  You notice, don’t you, that the x-ray technicians will NEVER stay in the same room where the x-raying is being performed?

  8. @Romans_837 – Nice line – you must have a fondness of the classic movie “Princess Bride”!  My second cousin, twice removed survived breast cancer – after removing both breasts.@homefire – I’ve done pretty deep research on all of that stuff too – and I avoid those things at all cost, but I’m not, by any stretch of the imagination, pro-medicine (AT ALL).  Rely on God – He’s enough insurance and the only cost you have for His premiums is your faith.  Likewise – bras are TERRIBLE for women.  Not only does wearing a bra completely destroy the muscles in our chests, but compresses as well.  I go withOUT almost all the time.  Church is just about the only time I *make* myself wear one!  I despise the things!

  9. Romans_837 says:

    @HisHolyPresence – I am the guy who saw another guy wearing a “Princess Bride” shirt at Pizza Hut…went up to him, and asked, “I do nah mean to pry, but you do not by chance happen to have six fingers on your right hand?”There are other things I’m fond of…see Proverbs 5:18-19.

  10. @Romans_837 – nIcE!  by the way – my husband laughed when I told him about our “conversation” saying “that would be me – I would do that”  and our girls just said…”maiwage, maiwage is what bwings us togevah today…” (their favorite line)

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