And we wonder why Americans are getting fat!


This is an amazing article about portion sizes and how they have changed in America.  Just as an example, look at this.


The hamburger on the left was a normal sized burger twenty years ago, and the one on the right is what people commonly eat now.  Click here for more examples.–now



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4 Responses to And we wonder why Americans are getting fat!

  1. PreciousOnyx says:

    yah, that is a good starter. that and our addiction to preservatives and sugar and white flour, oh and throw in the soda industry as well. we shop the aisles instead of the perimeter of grocery stores and wonder why we have weight problems…

  2. mejicojohn says:

    well,, that hamburger,,, the big one,, isnt any bigger than the little one,, and the only difference is the meat,,, and you wont buy one like that,, youd have to make it at home..look at the tomato,,, unless its a giant size tomato,,, its a pretty small burger,, the popcorn is still available in the smaller size,, and even smaller yet,,, i normally get the bigger size,,, with 2 soda pops,, and the popcorn is shared.. its nice to have it last most of the movie at least…most of the things mentioned are available in more than one size,,,and the size of the pizza slices are dependent on who has the knife in hand,,,i wouldnt say things were that different 20 years ago… you did get more for your money,,, and 20 years before that,,, even more,,, look at a candy bar,,, a nickle candy bar was as big as a $1 candy bar today…and 40 years ago,,, a hamburger was really a hamburger,,, and a hamburger,,,according to todays standards is deadly,,,  i made them for sale in various restaurants i owned,,, (hahahaha,, none real successful,,,)  i did have some customers travel over a hundred miles to feast on mine tho,,, made like they were made back in the day…unless the customer requested otherwise,, i flipped the bun on the grill to make it greasy,,, so the salt would stick,,, a correct portion of salt on top of the bun  makes or breaks a good hamburger….those things pictured are not real hamburgers,,,  may be what is visualized as a hamburger today,,,  but that dont make them the real thing….i see what may be ketsup on the smaller looking hamburger,,, hahahahahaha,,, ketsup on a hamburger???  i dont think so,,,  cheese of course alters the name as well…i see on the smaller one,,, what could be onion,,, or could be mayonase,,,  hamburgers do have onions,, no mayonase,,,mayonase and no onions changes the name to a sissy burger…sorry,, not trying to be argumentive,,, but when i see what is touted as a hamburger,,, i cant control myself,,, hahahaha,,, an old guy taught me how to make a hamburger ,,, well,, he didnt teach me,, but i paid attention,, and he did explain the process to me,,, in the late 50s  in a little 8x 10 hamburger joint in north texas…something as good as his were are not easily forgotten… and i wouldnt rest till i mastered the art,,, and hamburgers are an art…mcdonalds wouldnt know a hamburger if they were run over by one…oh,, i did change one thing in his recipes,,,, he always grilled his onions,,, i like mine raw.

  3. homefire says:

    @mejicojohn – (chuckling)  Um, yeah…whatever!  I agree that fast food hamburgers are nothing like what we make at home–and grilled onions are the BEST, btw!  –but I do definitely think that portion sizes have changed.  I have noticed it in my lifetime.  When I get a restaurant meal other than fast food, I almost always take half of it home or split it with dh, and I don’t think they were that big when I was a child.  And I realize that smaller sizes are available, but the point is that those huge sizes weren’t available way back when.  It would be interesting to know what are the most popular sizes ordered–I’m guessing that more of the big ones are sold than the small.  Americans have just become used to stuffing themselves, eating between meals (or not even having regular mealtimes) and eating lots of high-fat, high-sugar foods, which was not the norm when I was a kid.  That’s why we’re fat!

  4. mejicojohn says:

    hahahaha,, i cant deny ive been guilty of stuffing myself silly,,,, mostly in the past,,, i attempt to not do that any more,,,

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