The Well-Turned Phrase


I recently read the novel Deception by Randy Alcorn, and found myself thoroughly enjoying his way with words.  I just love the way he uses the language.  For instance, he is a master of the opening hook.  Here are the openers for the prologue and the first two chapters:

#1   In a dark room punctured by a bare hundred-watt bulb…

#2   My chest pounding like a dryerload of army boots…

#3   In the mornings I go fishing.
        By the side of my bed.
        For clean clothes.
        I seldom catch much.

Aren’t those just absolutely great?   

The main character is sort of a hard-nosed, crusty type of guy, and the descriptions are from his perspective.  Here are a couple more snippets that I thought were pretty clever.

This couch had known a thousand posteriors, and so far it had spent forty minutes getting to know mine.

My partner doesn’t just have a lot of issues; he’s got the whole subscription.

Kendra declared that condoms should be distributed in schools to prevent diseases and pregnancies.  So I said yeah, and how about we use the same strategy to solve the problem of battered women by handing out boxing gloves to abusive men.

Not only is the writing great, but it’s a great story, too.  It’s the third in a trilogy that began with Deadline and Dominion, so you might want to read those first, though it’s not at all necessary.  All of them are worth reading, though, because Alcorn has such a neat perspective on eternity.

In other news, the official Homefire computer was virus infested and is, even as we speak, being restored to a factory prisitine condition.  Which is not a good thing.  I think we were able to recover most of the data, which I am very thankful for, but now I am wondering what I may have forgotten.    It’s a scary thing to watch your computer go through and wipe everything clean… 

And now it’s rebooting.  ………………………..waiting…………………………………  and waiting……………………………

and waiting.  I’m getting worried.


edit:  I wrote that last night.  It took a LONG time to go through all the rigmarole, but now I am typing on my computer and I have a LOT of things to reinstall and restore.  (That will make plenty to do today, not to mention cleaning and school and food and laundry and all that other fun stuff.)  Thankfully, I think we were able to keep most of my info, with the exception of e-mail.    Soooo…


If you are my friend and would like for me to ever write to you again, please e-mail me!  I have lost ALL of my addresses, so I’m starting from scratch. 



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I'm a wonderer. I spend a lot of time mulling, pondering, and cogitating. This is just a place to park some of those thoughts.
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2 Responses to The Well-Turned Phrase

  1. I don’t know that you ever had my email. So, that’s one less to lose!  I liked Deadline. And, I love the quotes you put up.

  2. homefire says:

    @TeacherPerson – You know, an amazing thing happened.  The data recovery guy said he couldn’t get them,but when we put the stuff back on, there they were.  So it was a false alarm.  And I do have your e-mail, though I can’t remember when I emailed you. 

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