Less Than Thankful?


When I began writing my 1000 Gifts post this week,
I had to think of all the things that weren’t going to make the list. 

I know that the Word tells us in Eph 5:20 that we should
always give thanks for all things
but really…

Did God mean that I should be thankful when I drop an open bag of instant potato flakes in the silverware drawer?

And was I to bow my head in thanksgiving as the canning jar shattered on the concrete floor
spreading its shards far and wide
right beside the pile of dirty laundry?

How about the time I spent two hours making a 40 minute drive because I was hopelessly lost
in a place where there is no cell phone service,
no businesses where one can stop and ask directions
in fact, pretty much nothing
except trees and dirt roads and hills?
Was I supposed to be joyously praising Him as I turned back toward civilization,
going many miles extra, just so I could find a place with cell service
in order to call and get directions?

Because if so, I’m afraid I failed. 
I wasn’t very thankful. 

Maybe next week…  



About dayuntoday

I'm a wonderer. I spend a lot of time mulling, pondering, and cogitating. This is just a place to park some of those thoughts.
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3 Responses to Less Than Thankful?

  1. fwren says:

    I’m sorry, but the potato flakes in the silverware made me grin a bit ~  ~ I can’t even imagine trying to get all that cleaned up!  However, the glass shards in the laundry ~ that would make any grown woman cry some days!    I hope tomorrow goes much more smoothly ~

  2. quilt_cats says:

    Some days are like that… the thing that gets me through “those” days is remembering that tomorrow’s another day.  : )

  3. Mandy says:

    Ugh, driving around for two hours, paranoid that the chili would tip over on one of those higher hills… Not only that but when we got there, everyone was hungry and people kept asking where we were, then they would quietly chuckle (Or loudly snort, depending on who they were…) and i thought that was pretty much rude. Anyway. moving on…~Mandy

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