Why Taxes Are Evil


Well, we all think that, don’t we?  But most of us have been taught that they’re a necessry evil.  I wonder…

After reading this article which states that “Dozens of academic studies — old and new — have found clear and irrefutable statistical evidence that high state and local taxes repel jobs and businesses.” and then goes on to give numerous examples, I don’t see how anyone can miss the fact that

higher taxes = less jobs and less income.

Go read_it and tell me what you think.

Another editorial that seemed right on target to me was this_one about Cash For Clunkers.  I think a lot of people are aware that, while our government called it a success, it was actually an incredibly costly mess.  But how costly?  According to this source, “Rather than stimulating the economy, the program made the nation as a whole $1.4 billion poorer.”  (And it even cited Henry Hazlitt’s Economics_In_One_Lesson which is a great way for the layman to get a better understanding of economics in about five minutes.  Even I understood it!    Even if you only read the first few paragraphs, you will probably have a few new insights on how it all works!)

So, back to Clunkers, not only did we help a bunch of wealthy people to buy cars they didn’t need, then destroyed their good, usable cars, which poorer people might have been able to otherwise buy, but we also spent enormous amounts of money doing it.  Not to mention the fact that new car sales will be down for the next several years after a buying spree like this one…

Can ANYone who reads these figures honestly doubt that the United States administration is not interested in helping our economy?  Consider just these two things:

1.  They want to raise taxes, which will decrease jobs and income, sending more and more businesses out of the country.
2.  They consider a program that ended with a $1.4 billion deficit to be a success!

Is there any doubt that what they really want is to destroy our economy?  How, America, can we be SO BLIND?  Does anyone even care?

It never ceases to amaze me how well the public schools have accomplished their goal of raising consumers rather than thinkers.  Now that is one program that has really been successful!

It’s just sad.

It’s clear to anyone who studies prophecy that America will be nullified in some way before the last days, but it is distressing to me to think that it will probably all happen from within.  Who needs to be defeated in war when we are far too ready to defeat ourselves without a shot being fired?  Somehow I hadn’t expected that, and it’s just hard to watch.



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3 Responses to Why Taxes Are Evil

  1. fwren says:

    Yeah, it’s just kind of mind-blowing, isn’t it?  Happening so fast it leaves one’s mouth just gaping open at it all ~

  2. Just wandering through and read this article…Amen!!  It seems everyday we are burying ourselves more and no one is even noticing or caring.  It makes me want to scream, but people are only worried about themselves. End times are upon us and no one even cares, notices or believes. The delusion God is sending in 2Thes 2:11 is already brewing in our lives today.  If we believed what the Bible said was true, we would live differently!Thanks for this post!

  3. mamaglop says:

    We don’t know if these are those times yet. People thought America was finished during the time of the Civil War too.   I hope you are on your face praying for America every day.  We need your prayers and the prayers of every Christian.

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