Incredible Propaganda


If you like to laugh at/be outraged by propaganda, and you have plenty of time to waste, don’t miss 


But be aware that this woman uses the word “pitcher” rather than “picture” several times–a major pet peeve of mine!  Oh, and she also mixes a whole boatload of garbage in with a few good facts.  It’s appalling that they are serving this stuff up to school kids. 

And if you’re still up for more, go here and see the response to it.  What’s interesting is that in this rebuttal, supposedly to debunk the first video, there is again a pretty healthy dose of propaganda and slanted reporting, IMO.  I think it is definitely more factual than the original, but it certainly isn’t unbiased.

Whatever.  My dad used to say, “Don’t believe anything you hear, and only half of what you see.”  I’d say the percentages have probably increased since then, too.



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5 Responses to Incredible Propaganda

  1. mejicojohn says:

    hahaha,, i clicked on the video first before seeing if you were promoting it or laughing at it,,,,  i then had to come back and double check on that one,,, this was the silliest video ive ever seen,,,altho she started out talking about the government,, which sounded reasonable, she lost it pretty quick after that.undrinkable water,,, she pretty much started out with,,, hahahaha,,, no such thing as undrinkable water,,, well,, there could be,, but it would be rare.for several years i drank water straight out of the gulf of mexico,,, on an oil rig,,, there was no water line connected to a city water supply… we conditioned the water ourselves,,,, i know that because i was the one who did it on my second whining about using up all the natural resources and the next whining about saving natural resources by adding,,,,, additives,,, hahahaha,,, can we have it both ways,,,shes just confused,,, her english is ok with me,,, mines worse,,, hahahaha,,, id be your worst nightmare,,, a great deal of the time i butcher it on purpose,,, just because i can,, after a while,, it just comes natural….

  2. mejicojohn says:

    it took a bit to watch it all,, kept stopping,, that didnt help,,,  i started to shut it down,, but toughed it out till the end,, i got curious as to what her solution was,,,hahahahaha,,, yes we can,,, basically,,, in other words she didnt have one,,,its ok to have an agenda,,, and its ok if your agenda is implimented,,, if your agenda has a clearly outlined end plan that everyone understands,,, and at least a majority agrees with,,,something our ruling partys dont understand,,, or the makers of this video,,,  the basics….

  3. Don’t have time this morning, but I just have to say…  it’s always enjoyable to read the comments along with your writing.  Such reasonable people here.

  4. BooksForMe says:

    I’ve seen these videos before.  They are well done.  Yes, full of propaganda.  And, yes, GB is full of propaganda, too.  Stuff.  I have a story of stuff, too.  It’s all over my livingroom making me crazy!  It’s books that need shelf space and mugs I don’t like.  It’s junk mail that keeps coming.  It’s scraps of drawings Hannah drew when she was four.  Wonderful, awful, glorious stuff!  The stuff that lets our kids know they came home to the right house! 🙂

  5. homefire says:

    @BooksForMe – Oh, do I ever know what you mean, sister!  STUFF can make me crazy, but I can’t seem to get rid of it.  And btw, I don’t think GB made the rebuttals.

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