Always Learning


I am loving our creative writing experiment.  Today I gave them this picture of some Honduran riot police (sorry–it didn’t scan very well,) told them to write one excellent sentence about it, and we ended up with three different points of view–three different feelings.  It’s fascinating to me how they all got something completely different from the same picture.  

riot police


What sentence would you write about it?  I’d love to hear them.


Here’s what I got:


In a group of soldiers, one is thinking, “I can’t breathe, it’s getting dark,” and all of a sudden he is screaming.
    –12 year old daughter


I watched as the soldiers blocked the foggy street with their shields, and then looked through the scope. 
–14 year old son


The soldiers stood in a line as the smoke cleared, surveying the epic destruction they had caused.  
–18 year old son

Interesting, hmm?


We had another school happening today that left me with a big question.  My two youngest are doing Apologia (emphasis on the penultimate_syllable/ ) science, and we learned about ellipses today.  An ellipse is just an oval shape, and to form it, you need to have two focus points (as opposed to just one center point in a circle.)  The reason we studied it, of course, was because the planets in our solar system have elliptical orbits.  The book just briefly mentioned that the sun is one of the foci (yeah, that’s the plural of focus–weird, huh?) of the planets’ orbits.

And I am left wondering…WHAT is the other focus???  And WHY does our earth orbit around the Sun (an obvious star) and some other unknown spot in the universe?  What is it about that particular spot which makes it special enough to provide another focus for the orbit of our planet?

I think it is just totally weird that we don’t orbit in a perfect circle around the sun.  I mean, I’ve known for years that the orbit was elliptical, but it never occurred to me to wonder why!  And now I am really wondering!  And I just had the thought…are all orbits elliptical?  Our moon?  The moons of other planets?  Or is it just those around the sun?  Questions, questions…


So today I finally admitted that fall is on the way.  We are still having bright beautiful weather, but I took down the hummingbird feeder and pulled the milkweeds that I leave for the monarchs .  It was so cold this summer that hardly any monarchs came this far north anyway. 

And having become thoroughly disgusted with the perennial mess beside the driveway, I waded in and started ripping things out.  When we moved here five years ago, I was completely intimidated by my perennial bed.  Since I knew not a flower from a weed, I pretty much let it all grow.  Well, as the years pass, I do learn a few things, but it’s still sort of overwhelming to me.  This year, I gave up rather early, and the thing looked like a jungle.  So I yanked things out ruthlessly.  And guess what I learned today?

When the weeds have taken over your perennials and you are frantically snatching at clumps of grass, doggie-do very much resembles a chunk of dirt.  Except for the smell. 

Well, I really can’t blame the dog.  How could HE know they were flowers?  And that I would be pulling weeds there?  …and it is fertilizer, I guess.



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7 Responses to Always Learning

  1. BooksForMe says:

    “Cassandra knew it was time to surrender.”Now, I want to know!  If you learn more, you’ll have to share.

  2. “And then they shot the photographer.”

  3. homefire says:

    @TeacherPerson – LOL!!!    That is awesome! 

  4. mcbery says:

    I found a monarch flying around the house today and I have no idea where it hatched out from! It must have been on some milk weed I brought in earlier. :-OThe picture makes me think of dark and sad times.

  5. homefire says:

    @mcbery – That’s funny!  I had one that escaped once and I never found it until it had formed its chrysalis (right by my kitchen sink) but I’ve never had one that actually emerged before I found it!  Did you manage to get it outside?  Poor thing needs to start heading for Mexico!  I saw a bunch of geese flying overhead yesterday…I did have one butterfly mis-kabobble that was very sad.  If you haven’t read it, here it is  That one didn’t make it.

  6. mcbery says:

    I did discover the chrysalis that my daughter told me wouldn’t hatch because it was deformed, actually did hatch!! I’m going to have to look at the pictures I took of it, to see if it’s slightly challenged! Lol!

  7. homefire says:

    @mcbery – But if it was flying, surely it was okay!  And that reminds me of this story, another sad one. 

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