The Poor Revisited


I love it!  When I have just been musing about the poor and how many actually poor people there even are in America, along comes this video, which I thought was amazing.  I can’t figure out how to embed it, so just click over and watch it.  It’s the first one on the page, and it’s only 4 minutes long.  



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13 Responses to The Poor Revisited

  1. there is nothing click-able on that page. No video. DO you need to be a subscriber to the glenn beck site to view it maybe?

  2. walkintrust says:

    I found the video just fine.  Ironic, isn’t it?  And our lifestyles feel so necessary!

  3. I’d been wanting to see that video.  Thanks for the link….took a minute but it came up.  Ah yes, the poor in America….can’t afford food and can’t afford health insurance.  Yep, we have relatives in that boat….ON food stamps and whining about no health insurance….and they own 12 horses, yep, that’s right I said twelve!  And they feed those 12 horses!!!  It’s tough to be poor in America and not be able to afford health insurance. …and yes, they voted for Mr. B. Hussein Obama. 

  4. gokellyjo says:

    I understand his statistics.  But, I work with a marginalized population.  They don’t own cars.  They rarely can afford bus fare.  They don’t have cable TV.  They rarely own TV’s period.  It is a dangerous business to lump/generalize all people who recieve food stamps as abusing the system.  Personally, I didn’t care for his cavalier attitude.  

  5. homefire says:

    @gokellyjo – I don’t think he was lumping all of them into one category.  In fact, just the opposite– he was just making the point that most of the people who we call poor…are not.  That’s not to say that we don’t have some poor people, but it’s obvious that we’re giving too much to too many.  There are a lot of people who simply need to learn priorities and self-control rather than receiving handouts.  Their inclusion in these programs is actually why the system is bottoming out, which will devastate the truly poor!  If you’re working with people who honestly need these helps and are trying to better themselves as much as possible, then you should be seriously protesting those resources being used up by people who do NOT need them.@Kristenmomof3 – No, you don’t need to be a subscriber.  I don’t know what the problem was.  Try it again?  Do be patient, it may take a bit to load.@walkintrust – @The_Ragged_Edge – Wouldn’t it be nice if they taught good stewardship and money management in schools rather than reliance on governement?

  6. @homefire – I had to turn off my adblocker….it was blocked as an ad because half of it is him trying to get you to use the gold company

  7. homefire says:

    @Kristenmomof3 – @gokellyjo – So do you really think it’s ethical for someone to have cable TV and a new SUV and get food stamps?  I’m just curious, because *I* feel like then I’m paying for their extravagances…  which rubs me wrong.

  8. @homefire – well, I will say this…..I am considered Poor by government standards…we don’t pay for cable or have a brand new car….We do have a car though…we need one or no one here would be able to work at all. We don’t live in the city there are no buses here. So we need to minivan to get anywhere. It isn’t new it is a 99.We don’t get food stamps or government help….we don’t want it. We scrape (barely) by. I do not fault people in our situation getting food stamps. Do you know how far below poverty level you have to be to qualify for food stamps. If people are living fancy and on food stamps…then they are not reporting all their income plain and simple.

  9. homefire says:

    @Kristenmomof3 – We also hover around poverty level and do not receive food stamps or any type of assistance, but we do pay taxes.  And it bugs me a bit to see those taxes go to pay for someone else’s car payments, which they are choosing to make instead of spending that money for groceries. Yes, they do need transportation in a rural area, but no one needs a new expensive vehicle.  We drive a 95 minivan,  Dh’s work truck is a 92, and yes, it’s incovenient that they require more maintenance, but it works, and it costs WAY less than new vehicles.I don’t mind at all helping someone who is having a hard time, but it’s really difficult for me to see the scenario Glenn was describing as “poor.”  I was totally shocked at the statistics in this video, and we often see people who use food stamps (my son used to work at a grocery store) and drive very nice vehicles that we couldn’t afford payments for.  I don’t want to be hardhearted, but I can’t imagine how people can live with themselves if they accept public assistance without doing all they can to economize.I just searched online to find out whether we qualify for food stamps and discovered that one of the guidelines is that a family can’t have more than $2000 in savings in order to qualify.  I can understand the thought behind that, but it just occurred to me that that may be why these people are spending the money they do have on luxuries…because they will lose their benefits if they have savings.  Wow.   That’s just sad.

  10. BooksForMe says:

    I used  to think the term “entitlements” only applied to wealthy retirees who still wanted their social security payments, even though they didn’t need it.  Now, I realize the term also applies to the less rich in our nation who think they are somehow entitled to live like the more rich.Our work is with people who are less rich, and you come to see very quickly that some less rich people work hard, some don’t.  Those who take advantage, tend to fall back into the sinful lifestyle that got them in trouble in the first place.  When your rent is only $20 a month, your food is covered, your utilities are supplemented, and your healthcare is paid for, too, what motivates Daddy to get up every day and do his job?  I have seen this too often—men begin to work and make a good living—and it is all free money they end up spending on sin.  Too many times!  They are hooked into the system.  The system is helping them stay addicted.  Oh, man.  I don’t have time to go on, but I’m telling you, our country is BROKEN.  We need to be speaking truth, because the problem isn’t money, healthcare, or poverty.  It isn’t not having a car or cable TV.  It’s SIN in the church and out.  And, one day the system is going to come crashing down and the people of God need to be ready to speak the truth in love to the lost and hurting people who will pouring into the churches once again.

  11. homefire says:

    @BooksForMe – Thanks for a wonderful summary!  Great comment!~

  12. homefire says:

    I find it really ironic that the side ad that is being displayed with this page says:  “On food stamps or Medicaid?  Get a free cell phone!”I’m sorry, I just don’t see it.  Cell phones are not a necessity for life–why should I pay for these people to have a cell phone?  Why?

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