Health Care = Total Control


This headline caught my eye this morning.

Obama Officials Don’t Dismiss Possibility of New Taxes

Obama may have to raise taxes to pay for public health care and the growing deficit, his advisers revealed.

Boy, talk about a shocker!  You mean the government doesn’t have enough excess cash laying around to cover health care needs for all of us?  That is such a letdown!

But after reading a few snippets of this_page that a friend e-mailed a link to, I have to admit that I simply didn’t realize the enormous scope of the proposed health care plan.  According to this man’s perusal of the bill, it includes provisions for government to plan your family size and spacing, to make home visits to evaluate parenting skills, as well as regulating which doctors would have authority to order end-of-life plans (you read that right–we’re talking euthanasia.)  Another aspect that is quite breathtaking in its scope is the plan to give the government access to all of your accounts so that electronic funds transfer will be expedited.  (I’m not sure exactly why that is necessary, since health care will all be *F*R*E*E*!!!* but it is in there…just in case, I guess.)  The government already owns 56% of America’s mortgages–are we willing to give them complete control of all our personal money?  Just that idea alone should send any red-blooded American right through the stratosphere.  And that’s certainly not all.  Read it for yourself here 

I am not much encouraged by the clause which allocates “Increased Funding to Fight Waste, Fraud, and Abuse.”   From past experience, I have my doubts about whether government officials would recognize waste, fraud, or abuse if it walked up and bit them on the nose!

Somehow, after watching the way the Cash for Clunkers program has panned out, among many things,  I am also not enthused about them having access to my bank account or responsibility for my health care.  Here’s the latest I read on Cash for Clunkers:


An enormous consumer response to the plan, intended to run through October but nearly exhausted after a month, surprised the administration, carmakers, dealers and critics late last week. Government and industry officials estimated it has facilitated nearly 250,000 sales but a paperwork logjam in recent days has slowed efforts to provide an exact accounting.

Oh, you mean they’re having a problem keeping this program efficient and streamlined?  AND they’re out of money? 

People, are we awake?  Is there anyone who is actually foolish enough to think our government can handle our health care?  And even if they could manage a business in an efficient fashion, is there anyone who is willing to allow our leaders to decide whether we are fit to have children or whether Grandma deserves to live any longer?  Anyone?

Hello?  Are you even paying attention, America?

To those who lambasted me for comparing Obama to Hitler, read the above and tell me honestly…wouldn’t Hitler have been enormously pleased with a bill like this?  It’s so much more efficient than transporting people to death camps.   Of course, Hitler did start with a “health” plan (abortions and government “care” of the disabled) but his wasn’t nearly this vast.

He that has an ear, let him hear.

Let’s pray for wisdom and discernment in the hearts of our legislators.  Open their eyes, Lord.



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8 Responses to Health Care = Total Control

  1. mejicojohn says:

    hahaha,, scroll back up to your picture here,,, the posted picture,, not your picture,,, visualize the dumpster as being a dumpster,,, visualize the car in the dumpster as the u.s.   visualize those two cars in the background as,,,  well,, lets call the red one mexico and the blue one canada…the other cars in the background would be us,,, waiting to fall in line for the north american union.thats what i see in the picture…its a treaty,,,  a treaty pretty much being a done deal,, i dont know why they wont just go ahead and admit it…the cas for clunkers deal is as wasteful as dealing out millions of dollars in bonuses to failed companies,,,hahahaha,,, ok,,, a good part of them were forced into failure by the government,,, but still,,,  if i owned a business the government was forcing into failure,, id change businesses…  not rely on their promise they wouldnt let me fail,,,,i heard somewhere that the government may lie to you,,, 

  2. BooksForMe says:

    You know, what surprises me most is how quickly it is all happening.  It’s an awful nightmare that doesn’t end.  When will the liberals wake up?  When will the folks who were blinded by Obama’s promises open their eyes?

  3. P_Obrien says:

    This is seriously disturbing. At the rate things are going it’s only a matter of time before someone ends up starting an open fight to protect their freedoms. I don’t see this going well.

  4. It’s nice when more and more people are becoming aware of what kind of stuff is out there in this Bill and many other programs. When given time to evaluate, the nitty gritty comes forth. It’s time for the powers that be realize that americans aren’t as stupid as they think we are and we have had enough. There is an election coming next year. Time for them to step up to the plate. 

  5. Our healthcare is about to be handled the same as luggage at the airport, or driving needs at the DMV; Like how my grandfather is being taxed 3 years after his death and the govt has been informed in person, writing, and originals of his death certificate multiple times.  America needs to wake up and smell the rotting corpse that this “health” care bill this is!

  6. Excellent post! I have to confess that I’d not researched the National Health Care thing much, but I knew that it more than likely wouldn’t be a panacea. 

  7. I thought all this was going to be taken care of and we wouldn’t even have to work anymore! I wonder if those who thought Obama was so great and voted for him still feel the same way now. Oh thats right, he hasn’t had enough TIME yet. Much more time and there won’t be a U S left.

  8. homefire says:

    @UnworthyofHisgrace – Amen to that.  this has gone so fast it makes your head spin!

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