Why Be a Feminist?


I was reading a blog  this morning that pointed out that the Bible “exalts women far above what the feminists have. It spoke of women, 4,000 years ago, of honor, dignity, rare jewels, and strength. Why would we want to trade that picture for anything else?”

Isn’t that a neat thought?  We’ve been so brainwashed by the feminists for the past couple of generations that we tend to think the Biblical image of a woman is some kind of a beaten down doormat-type, but the truth is that women are shown as strong and beautiful.  Proverbs 31 is all about a woman who is loyal, industrious, hardworking, charitable, and wise.

Now the only problem is that there are also passages that talk about a woman having a “meek and quiet spirit” and some of us don’t exactly fit that description.    I loved what this same blogger had to say about that too–some very reassuring thoughts.

God never meant for women to be trampled, but neither did He intend the opposite.  Isn’t it neat how when we do things God’s way, we’re happier?    It all just works!



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2 Responses to Why Be a Feminist?

  1. BooksForMe says:

    I agree completely with all the Bible has for women.  The Christian church should be the best place on earth for women, but it is filled with humans who are not living by the Word of God.  Sexism still exists in the church.  And, that is as wrong as any -ism.  The church in America, for the most part, has failed to hold to a biblical standard of womanhood and manhood.  We have, by and large, embraced the world’s attitude.  It’s horrible.As for the posts you shared, I think the blog writer uses a poor definition of the word meek.  I don’t disagree with the essence of what she is saying, but meekness has such a big meaning!  Christ describes Himself as meek. It’s an awesome word.  To boil it down to “submissive” is to miss the great depth of meaning there.

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