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Provoking Thought put this video up, and it is such a wonderful response to SICKO that I thought I’d add it to this post.  Even if you don’t have time to watch it all, do check out a couple minutes of it.  Scroll to the bottom of the page to shut off the music on my site.

(continued from previous post)

Okay, so laying aside all that incredible trash about Cuba, let’s get back to the story on those volunteers. These people worked right alongside the firefighters and rescue workers at Ground Zero, pulling bodies from the wreckage, trying to help. They were heroes, just like all the others. And some of them have developed serious health problems from all the dust and junk that they inhaled. Since they weren’t actually hired by anyone to do the job, but volunteered, they are stuck with the medical bills.

There was actually a government grant to cover these problems, but it has turned out to be such a mess of bureaucracy that very few people have actually received any compensation, even after years of hearings and red tape. (I found an article here about this, if you’re interested)

Now….this little detail about the grant was thrown breezily into the movie in the midst of the buildup to the Cuba trip, but to me, this was one of the most important and telling points. Think about it…Here the government has some money that it’s giving to these unfortunate people FREE, but unfortunately, there are just so many legal hassles that it becomes far too much trouble for many of the people to even pursue it.

Mmmm-hmm. And think about the original problem cited, the corruption of the insurance conglomerates that allows them to rake in huge profits while providing decidedly less-than-stellar care. Put those two facts together, and you have a glimpse of what government-run health care could look like. Look at how well our government runs things–how cost-effective their programs tend to be–and ask yourself:   Would they be likely to run health care in an efficient and economical way? How well have they done with schools, for instance? The average cost of educating a child in a Washington, D.C. public school is about twice the median cost of that city’s most elite private schools. (source )  And these are elaborate schools with FAR better education than the public ones…for half the cost of the government-run schools?  What does this tell us???

No, I don’t think our government would be likely to run the insurance business better than it’s already being run. Besides, they already have their fingers in far too many businesses! 

In order to truly believe in a national universal health care plan that works, you would really have to use doublethink… 

It struck me as I was mulling this last night that expecting to have all health care at our fingertips and free is just as skewed and perverted as is paying extrortion money to insurance companies and then getting stiffed when it’s payback time. Neither of those is how the world is supposed to work.

Have we ceased to understand how an economy is supposed to run? Remember back when you gave a service and received fair compensation for it? Or you went to a service provider and were happy to pay them for the work that was done? So why have prices for our health care gone through the stratosphere? Because of our judicial system! If we could expect fair judgments in the courts, there would be no need for all the malpractice insurance which drives medical prices through the roof. There would be far less of the parasites who are working the system to satisfy their own greed, and half the lawyers in this country would have to go get a job!

The only way to give this country a good health care plan would be to go back to real justice. Instead of setting obvious bigots on the courts of the land, we need to return to the real justice, where every person is created equal, and treated as such.

No, that’s probably never going to happen in this world, but it would be something to strive for, and it would definitely decrease costs and make for a far better standard of living for the majority. A return to the idea of personal responsibility?  Radical, I know…



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