Sick, Indeed


Yes, we watched another documentary.  This time, Sicko, which is a marvelous example of the power of propaganda.  If you were to watch this with no prior knowledge and not a great deal of discernment, you would be totally convinced that the leaders of our nation have been holding out on us, because we all really deserve free health care. 

After watching the horrors of how corrupt insurance companies are (which I have no quibble with–I agree that insurance is basically extortion, even if it is managed a bit more humanely than the mafia) we were then treated to one person after another telling us how wonderful it is to get health care in Canada–no long waits, there’s wonderful care, and it’s all free.  Then on to England, with absolutely everything you could ever need…free!  And then France, with their “wonderful family values”:  (huh???  howzat again?) like 6 months paid maternity leave, marvelous child care, nanny care, 35 hour work week with 5 weeks mandatory vacation a year… and yes, free health care.  Oh, and did I mention that it’s all free

Now I’m fairly impressionable, and I confess that the idea of going to a doctor without paying a bill is really attractive to me, but do all those people really think they aren’t paying for it?  That it’s FREE?  Did they never hear that thing about “no such thing as a free lunch??” 

What’s really interesting is that every single person I know who lives in Canada(admittedly, not a huge number) hates their health care system.  The ones I know actually come to the US if they need a non-emergency treatment, because they will receive better care and won’t have to wait for so long.  So how does it happen that this guy happens to find people who love it and would never trade?  As Alice in Wonderland would say, curiouser and curiouser.

Nowhere in the entire movie does it tell how much of the average person’s income in these countries goes to taxes.  I believe taxes were mentioned exactly one time, and the response was to show us a family with an evidently good standard of living.  The conclusion would be, I guess, that obviously they mustn’t be taxed too much…I mean, look how nice their house is!  …Uh-huh. That’s pretty convincing.  I noticed that not one person interviewed was actually asked about taxes.  Hmmm, how very curious.  (I’m guessing that had they included those bits, it might have made the movie too profane to watch… but of course, that’s just a wild guess.)

And the real kicker?  The part that made me absolutely sure that this movie was totally and completely untrustworthy?  It was the last segment, where Michael Moore takes some 9/11 volunteer workers to CUBA for treatment, because they couldn’t get help in the USA.

Yes, Cuba.  Really.  According to him, we Americans have been fed a pack of lies about Cuba–really it’s a wonderful place to live, because after all, they have free universal health care!  Those poor volunteers got all the care they needed, and they all (I’m sure) lived happily ever after. 

Uh-huh.  Right.  Cuba has a wonderful system.  So that’s why people keep trying to get from Cuba to America on anything they can find that might float?  That’s why my friend’s doctor father was forced to flee Cuba in fear of his life?  Yeah, because it’s a great place to live–everything so free!  Well, shoot, I guess it must be better than America, because here most of us have to actually pay someone to give us health care.  Poor, poor us.

More on this subject tomorrow……….



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5 Responses to Sick, Indeed

  1. SpazzyMommy says:

    I’ve heard of the documentary, but never watched it. I think the first clue that it was an incredibly skewed viewpoint was that Michael Moore’s name was on the cover. (lol)I know for sure that our insurance and healthcare system is WAY out of whack and that there are huge money-hungry leaches at the top of the totem pole and we are feeding their appetite for greed…..however- FREE government sanctioned healthcare is NOT the answer.The other day I watched a news report regarding a bridge in our local area. The bridge is about 30+ years old with visible cracks, crumbling concrete, rusted girders- named by AAA to be one of the worst bridges in not just the state but the country!!!  The news anchorman was asking Raleigh (our capital) WHY wasn’t this bridge being fixed with some of the stimilus money??? Do you know the answer??? I was floored….the answer was- “BEcause it’s about a five year process to get all the paperwork, permits and funding completed through the proper channels.”Now- just imagine these same sort of people wtith the same mindest deciding if you need a dialysis or a gall bladder removed?????   Yes, I have a feeling that after a few years of the redtape and politics of a government ran healthcare system that we’ll be seriously considering  going to Cuba for medical care!!!!

  2. “Cuba has a wonderful system”Now you are beginning to understand, have another glass of obamaide……I will have to watch that video (think I have before). Good post

  3. BooksForMe says:

    I don’t understand how a film like this can get made. He’s such an idiot.  Really, really an idiot.  We must urge our children to think for themselves.  It’s their only hope. Check out The_Ragged_Edge’s post.  She’s thinking about health care today, too. 

  4. homefire says:

    @SpazzyMommy – That is so outrageous, but unfortunately not uncommon.  When practically everyone agrees that the government has been incredibly inefficient for years, why do these idiots keep thinking that it’s suddenly going to change?  It’s changing, all right, but for the good of the few, NOT the many.@ProvokingThought – Since I am currently re-reading 1984, this is sounding eerily familiar.  Talk about doublethink!  And here I used to think that couldn’t really happen!@BooksForMe – Thanks, I’ll do that!

  5. Matthew Talbert says:

    Umm, actually Great Britain and France spend a smaller percentage of GDP than the US government *already* spends per capita on health care. And the total cost of health care (including private portions) is less than half what it is in the United States. So, instead of trashing government-run healthcare, maybe we ought to be asking ourselves how these countries manage to provide universal health care for so much less than we are spending here. (btw, I just spent the weekend with someone from Great Britain who thinks their system is brilliant, and says that everyone there says “we just don’t want our system to end up like America”).

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