Super Nasty


I heard about this movie a couple of years ago, and happened to see it in the library today, so I brought it home.  We didn’t have time to eat before prayer meeting, so we stopped at McDonald’s on the way home and got carry-out.  Brought it home and ate while watching this movie.    Well, hey, we figured we might never want to eat there again after watching it, so had to use up those gift cards from Christmas, right? 

In case you don’t know what it’s about, the guy ate exclusively McDonald’s food for a month.  He gained about 25 pounds and his cholesterol went way up, plus his liver was in pretty bad shape by the time it was over.  The doctors monitoring him were begging him to quit it before he killed himself.

Now I’ve never believed that greasy burgers were good for you, but this is sort of stretching my credibility.  It’s hard for me to imagine gaining that much weight that fast no matter WHAT you eat!  Oh, and the rule was that if they asked him to, he always supersized.  According to the movie, he was eating about 5,000 calories a day.  A lot, yes, but I’m pretty sure I know men who eat that much on a regular basis who aren’t fat.  Of course, this guy also limited his exercise to ridiculously small amounts, and he would have been getting very small amounts of vegetables and fruit, which would also make a difference.

How about it?  Anyone else see the movie?  Do you believe it?  Do you personally know anyone who has gained 10 pounds in a week like this guy did?  He started at a normal healthy weight and plenty of exercise, so I’m sure the extreme sudden change made the ill effects more apparent, but it still seemed really farfetched.

I also was a little irritated that the whole focus was on McDonalds.  As if there weren’t about a bazillion other fast food places out there doing the same thing.  Their justification for that was that McDonalds targets little kids so that they’re addicted to this junky fast food for life.  By putting playgrounds in and having a clown as a mascot, kids are attracted.  One line that I noticed was “In some places, there’s nowhere else to take the kids to play, so people are forced to go there.”  Oookay.  So if there is no other playground in the neighborhood, maybe there should be some mention of how good it is of McDonalds to provide one?  I mean really, give them some credit!

Anyway, they made McDonalds food look pretty disgusting, including a nice shot of the guy barfing out the car window    and a description of how badly it had affected his sex life  (I failed to notice the PG-13 rating on the label) but they really didn’t spend as much time as they should have talking about why this is such a problem…because (DUH) people EAT TOO STINKING MUCH JUNK! 

And there’s also the fact that the guy was inhaling milkshakes and sodas like they were going out of style, so he was getting megadoses of sugar, which is certainly not something  you can blame on McD’s.  They do, after all, have water.

Just another example of how personal responsibility is no longer fashionable.   Yes, they did give it a little mention at the end, but the movie was much more about McDonalds-bashing than it was a lesson in eating right. 

I will say that the section on school lunches that they stuck in there was interesting, though rather frustrating.  Parents should be marching on schools across the nation and demanding changes!  Not only are public schools poisoning kids’ brains, but also their bodies in a very measurable way!

It left me skeptical about whether McD’s food is really much worse than a lot of the other junk we eat, even at home, but it did leave me convinced that we need a WHOLE lot more exercise and fruits and veggies!



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8 Responses to Super Nasty

  1. mamaglop says:

    I read abouat a woman who went on a McDonald’s diet in response to the movie.  She ate for a month at McDonalds and lost eight pounds.  She had a McMuffin for breakfast with coffee, a hamburger for lunch with a diet soda, and something else for dinner.  I think she ate their salads, which are pretty good, and even had a fruit parfait for dessert.  Here’s a scoop – sometimes it is about the choices we make from the choices they offer.  It is ridiculous how we are being treated like children and allowing it because we don’t want to take responsibility for ourselves.

  2. homefire says:

    @mamaglop – oooh, I love it!    I’m going to have to look for some info on that.  I just suspected that it couldn’t possibly be as bad as he made it seem.  You can accomplish a lot by skewing the way you present the facts.  After all, Al Gore made global warming look pretty terrible, too, and more scientists every day are saying that’s a load of nonsense.

  3. BooksForMe says:

    I haven’t seen the movie, but from what you said it sounds like a lot of hype, a lot of manipulation.  I can’t believe McDonald’s didn’t try to stop this.  I also can’t believe anyone paid to make this movie—or see it.  I love what the first commenter said—not that anyone should be encouraged to go to McDonald’s, of course.  However, it proves what a lot of us already know, we have a choice.  No matter our circumstances, we have a choice.  And, thank God we still do!I’m kinda grossed-out now, imagining what he ate all month. 

  4. JJ_Ames says:

    It’s propaganda for the unthinking. A major part of why he was getting sick was because of how healthy and probably largely fat and grease-free his previous diet was. Foreigners who visit here and eat our food get sick because their bodies aren’t adjusted to the richness of our foods but that can change over time if they take it slowly. He was binging on sugar and fats after a long time of denying himself – that’s terrible for your body! And you’re very right to point out he wasn’t exercising and was pounding his meals.ryc: glad you dropped by!

  5. OWLERINM says:

    You should check out this web site. It tells you what how much fat ect. is in fast food its interesting.

  6. What an excellent review. I’ve never seen the movie. My stepmom gave me a book on a similar topic which I haven’t read yet. It’s called Chew on This. 

  7. homefire says:

    @TeacherPerson – Just looked at that book on Amazon…I’m thinking it may not be a very good appetizer.   

  8. ShineOn1983 says:

    I’m not sure that MD food is really so much worse than the junk food one eats at home, but it is bad for you, and addictive. And….yes….i do believe someone can gain 10 pounds in one week. I have gained 7 pounds in a week before.I think MD and all fast food companies are just big corporations out to addict you to their food so they make money. Of course…my family is a bunch of health freaks, so we dont eat at MD, but I do think their food is a little worse than say, Subway.

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