Caught Up With God


I am really enjoying the online Kay Arthur study on the book of Daniel that I’m doing right now.  Something that she said today struck me as a particularly challenging.  She was speaking of Daniel’s humility in Dan 2:30, where he tells the king that it’s not because of Daniel’s own wisdom that God has revealed it to him, that he is just a vehicle to make the dream known to the king.  Notice how he was not at all caught up in himself–he was caught up with God! 

Am I caught up with myself, focused on my own abilities or my LACK of ability?  Either one of those is a hindrance to my being used by God.  Rather than thinking about how capable I am, or how I simply don’t have the ability to do a certain thing, I need to be caught up with God—looking to Him, relying on Him, focused on Him, trusting that He will do what He ordains, and use me in the process.  I am nothing more than a glove that He can put on.  His hand fills the emptiness that is me, the glove, and does His work.  

If I look down at myself and see only the empty flapping glove, I despair.  But if I invite the LORD to fill that emptiness, to use it for His purpose, there will be strength and purpose that the glove can never have on its own.

Lord, pick me up, fill me, and use me for your glory!  I want to be
caught up with God!




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I'm a wonderer. I spend a lot of time mulling, pondering, and cogitating. This is just a place to park some of those thoughts.
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7 Responses to Caught Up With God

  1. scifi_ffish says:

    so i found your site b/c AlterEgo909 quoted you… and i must say, i’m liking what i’m reading!God bless 🙂

  2. homefire says:

    @scifi_ffish – Thanks for stopping by! 

  3. QMTJ says:

    Thanks for the heads-up re: Daniel study!!  Love it!  Just what I needed……..Caught up with God……..even so, come quickly Lord Jesus!  Great post…….Q.’

  4. thanks for stopping by…nice site, btw…

  5. I would like to be in a Bible study with other women again. Perhaps I’ll just have to start one myself!

  6. homefire says:

    @TeacherPerson – I have been thinking that same thing.  Unfortunately, I know hardly anyone here local, and I’m not very brave…  So this is nice–at least I have someone talking to me, even if I can’t talk back! 

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