End of the Dollar?


It only took four years, from 1919 to 1923, for the Germans to wipe out the Reichsmark, and they didn’t have an electronic printing press. 
                                                        ~Alf Field, gold analyst


This is from a speech made in 2005, and interestingly, in the same speech Mr. Field predicted that the US dollar would probably end around 2010.



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2 Responses to End of the Dollar?

  1. mejicojohn says:

    well,, jr signed the treaty several years ago along with vincente fox,, and whoever was ruler of canada at the time,, altho its been denied,,, hahahahaha,,, the north american union is well on its way… due to take effect any time now…to just do away with a money that was not ailing,,, altho i would not call the dollar especially not ailing for some decades now,,, would not go over well with the public,,,now,, if the dollar were to be totally destroyed,, and i knew this was coming also as you can tell if you choose to scroll back who knows how many pages to read my posts on it,,, somewhere there i have somewhat proof that the amero was being traded over a year ago,,, i forget,, maybe 2…if your money is worth,,, well,, nothing,,, then you will welcome a new currency… which is in the process of happening as we write,,,hahahahahai personally think this passport issue which i refuse to comply with and let sidetrack me from the truth occasionally is more smoke and mirrors,,,, nothing should be needed to travel anywhere in north america other than documentation of north american residency,,,,  which of course includes mexico,, the us,, and canada…well see,,, but my personal opinion is you can count on it,,, first tho,, the destruction of the dollar has to take place…

  2. mejicojohn says:

    to rest my case,,, i will point out a nickle soda pop has not increased in value to $1,29,,,,,  that is called devaluation of money,,, not increase in value,, nor effects of supply and demand,,,,  the dollar is pretty much destroyed without todays goings on,,, i mean,,, even at the average rate of ,,, well call it inflation,,, how much of a percent increase is that from a nickle soda pop,,, ($1.29),,, given the same amount of elapsed time in the future,,, what will the soda pop cost???  to help with the math,,, an ounce of gold at todays prices wouldnt buy one….

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