Twenty Years


Twenty years ago today, I could see it snowing from my hospital window.  Snowing!  In May??  But I didn’t really care, because I had much more important things on my mind.  About 7:30 that evening, the long wait was over, and I held my newborn daughter in my arms.  As I looked at her, I marveled at this perfect little person entrusted to our keeping–her little fists, her tiny puckered mouth, her swirl of gold-red hair, her trusting eyes. 

And tonight, once again, I looked into the eyes of a newborn–my daughter’s daughter.  And again I marvel.  How can it have been twenty years already?  Where did the time go?  My little girl has a little girl of her own? 

And life goes on…one generation to the next. 


Tonight, our son got a picture of Amy with a BIG smile. 

amy laughing

Tomorrow she will be four weeks old.  Already.

What a beautiful gift a baby is.  Thank you, Dot, for being a wonderful daughter, and for giving us a gorgeous granddaughter.    Happy birthday!

God is so good!



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9 Responses to Twenty Years

  1. fwren says:

    She is absolutely gorgeous!  What a CUTE smile!  I think she must have her Grandpa B’s sense of humor, what do you think?

  2. sky_gel says:

    She’s so adorable! God is good all the time..

  3. Anonymous says:

    With your cup overflowing, you blessed us with sharing. btw, did you read our paper?

  4. mcbery says:

    You’re right a baby is a wonderful gift from God. I love lullabies too.

  5. gsmith03 says:

    Babies are so adorable.  It is so hard to look at a baby and not smile.  

  6. cerwindoris says:

    She is adorable.  I love grandparenting.

  7. sunshine1939 says:

    She is a beautiful little girl!!  Grandchildren are so much fun.  I love the lullaby !

  8. Anonymous says:

    Isn’t it fun to have grand babies ?

  9. BooksForMe says:

    What a perfect picture!  Oh, my.  She is just beautiful.  Congratulations on a wonderful child, and grandchild. You done good!

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