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If global warming were to actually fulfill the dire prophecies, the ice caps would melt.  If those melted, how much would it raise the water level of the earth?  Well, the Arctic ice cap wouldn’t change anything, to speak of, since most of that is floating on the water anyway, and like an ice cube in a glass, the water level doesn’t change much if it melts.  One source I checked estimated the rise to be about 220 feet if the Antarctic cap and Greenland melted.  Now I’m wondering… how much of our current dry land would that put underwater?  Most of the major ports, obviously, but how much overall?  I wish I could find out how much.  Would there be just mountains and good-sized hills sticking out or are there lots of large land masses higher than that?  Just looking at this map , it looks as if it will surely be a pretty healthy chunk of the land, but it’s not detailed enough to tell exactly.

This is a random thought, but it just made me think of a world-wide flood that I read about somewhere, that some people say is impossible.  But if you flattened out all the land that’s been raised by volcanic eruptions and earthquakes over the past few thousand years, I wonder if there wouldn’t be enough water in those ice caps to flood the whole world. 

It won’t happen, I’m pretty sure, but I just thought it was interesting to think about.



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5 Responses to Interesting Thought For the Day

  1. mrcolorful says:

    That map is gauged in meters and it is a little over three meters to a foot so that 400 meter first mark equates to somewhere north of 1200 feet.  Thus, the map really isn’t especially helpful to this discussion.I would guess though that you might get most of Florida covered by water and large portions of other coastal areas covered by water so all that prime beach front real-estate that we already spend billions of dollars a year trying to protect from the forces of nature would be gone.  Beyond the loss of a few traditional vacation destinations I don’t think life would change significantly for most people.I do know that the sea level would have to rise about four times what that prediction you cited says to cover any of Kansas.

  2. My parents live on the Washington Coast.  The beach where they live is actually getting bigger….Their beach front house is now further away from the water.  There is another Washington town that is losing beach however…..Do I think any of it has anything to do with global warming….nope…just natural stuff going on like it has for thousands and thousands of years. 

  3. fwren says:

    Didn’t God promise to never again flood the whole world at once??? 

  4. homefire says:

    @fwren – Yup, that’s why I’m pretty sure it won’t happen.    (Thus the rainbow…)@mrcolorful – Hey, thanks for the info on Kansas.    I thought the first color change above sea level was at 400 ft –hmmm, have to go look at it again.  But aeither way, it doesn’t tell us much, as I said.@The_Ragged_Edge – Yeah, sea levels change a bit all the time.  The Antarctic ice cap has actually been growing rather than shrinking, anyway, so this whole discussion is probaly pointless, but it just struck me how funny it is that the same people who are so worried about global warming would probably deny that a worldwide flood was possible.  Duh!

  5. fwren says:

    Yep ~ the rainbow ~ but you had me wondering what you meant when you said pretty sure . . .

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