Give and You Will Receive


My rich dad would often say, “Poor people are more greedy than rich people.”  He would explain that if a person was rich, that person was providing something that other people wanted.   In my life, over all these years, whenever I have felt needy or short of money or short of help, I simply went out or found in my heart what I wanted, and decided to give it first.  And when I gave it, it always came back.

It reminds me of the story of the guy sitting with firewood in his arms on a cold freezing night, and he is yelling at the pot-bellied stove, “When you give me some heat, then I’ll put some wood in.”  And when it comes to money, love, happiness, sales and contacts, all one needs to remember is first to give what you want and it will come back in droves.  Often just the process of thinking of what I want, and how I could give what I want to someone else, breaks free a torrent of bounty.  Whenever I feel that people aren’t smiling at me, I simply begin smiling and saying hello, and like magic, there are suddenly more smiling people around me.  It’s true that your world is only a mirror of you.

So that’s why I say, “Teach and you shall receive.”  I have found that the more I sincerely teach those who want to learn, the more I learn.  If you want to learn about money, teach it to someone else.  A torrent of new ideas and finer distinctions will come in.

There are times when I have given and nothing has come back or what I have received is not what I wanted.  But upon closer inspection and soul searching, I was often giving to receive in those instances, instead of giving to give.

                                                                                              ~Robert Kiyosaki


I have really enjoyed this book.  It’s good reading, and there is a lot of interesting information in it.  I was really impressed with the above passage because of its spiritual significance.  Instead of grasping with greedy hands– give!  Eccl 11:1-6 says to cast your bread on the waters, and you will find it after many days…  and that you should sow both morning and evening, since you don’t know which will be fruitful.  This book goes into detail about how true that is.

The second to last paragraph in particular is one that I have found to be so true in my own life.  If you want to learn something, teach it.  I have learned so many things in the process of homeschooling my children that it is truly amazing.  Not only do I learn facts along with them as a matter of simple absorption, but when they ask questions, I am forced to re-examine the concept, delve deeper than I have on my own, and often I find that I see a new facet that leads to even greater understanding.  I couldn’t count the number of times that something I am explaining to a child becomes more clear to me as I teach.  Isn’t it nifty how God tells us to teach our chldren, and then uses our children to teach US? 



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I'm a wonderer. I spend a lot of time mulling, pondering, and cogitating. This is just a place to park some of those thoughts.
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3 Responses to Give and You Will Receive

  1. lookin4Jesus says:

    Good thoughts for life lessons. I too have had to put on my “thinking cap” this past school year. I think also as we learn to give ourselves to God, we are freer to give to others. We learn that nothing in life is really ours and it lessens our grip to hang on. Needless to say,the more we love God, the more we can give love to others.

  2. deyoderized says:

    I read that book several years ago, and I forgot that was in there.  Good thoughts.  Someone told me once, “Sure you have struggles, but you have a lot to offer those who are hurting.  Give it.  As you do, you will be healed.”  (this was when I was in a puddle of tears with my own pain, but was to meet someone else who needed help.)  I needed to be reminded of that.  

  3. AngelAware says:

     I agree….Give and it shall be given back a full messure. I have tested it, and it always comes to be.  In my life, Its always the poor people who reach out the most to give and help. I have seen it so many times, people with lots of money dont rush in to help, possibly afraid more will come running beging for more?? who knows…But personally…I am poor, and we always Give. and God always gives back.

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